You’re a glorious Being of Light seeking the pathway back to the higher realms, your true home.

— SaluSa

You have collectively made the decision to awaken from the dream

Humanity has been preparing itself for its return to full consciousness ever since it decided to try living separated from God and its brothers and sisters by building an illusory reality in which to hide from Him and play games of separation. This game-playing time is almost over. It has been painful and confusing as you attempted to convince yourselves that you did not need God and could live most satisfactorily without Him. Finally, it has dawned on you that this is most definitely not the case, and you have collectively made the decision to awaken from the dream and enjoy once more God’s divine Reality.

It has been a long hard slog to progress from the initially exciting idea of independent separate existence — removed from your Father’s Presence — to your present realization that that idea is, and always has been, totally unworkable. When the idea occurred to you and you decided to embrace it, your Father, having first made sure that you could never become irretrievably lost, allowed you to `apparently’ withdraw from His eternal Presence to play your games, and to learn from them that separation from Him and from each other was a completely inadequate form of existence. He wants only for you to experience eternal joy, but He understood that you needed to build your illusory reality to experience an imaginary existence without that infinite joy in order for you to understand and fully appreciate the wonder, harmony, and beauty of Reality — the only state that truly exists.

You have now learnt your lessons, but because the illusory state that you constructed has been so intense and realistic in your experience of it, you are having a very hard time letting it go. You see all the apparent pain and suffering in your individual lives, as well as that which humanity generally is experiencing, and it seems to you that this situation needs to be corrected in order for happiness to prevail. But it remains an illusion! Every aspect of it is illusory, and consequently it can never be corrected; it can only be dissolved. By trying to correct or repair it, you are holding on to it, investing in it, and, therefore, still attempting to make it real.

You need to release your attachment to it. The minor pleasures it seems toprovide are a severe distraction from your awakening process, leading you to believe that the situation can be improved and that a state of permanent peace and harmony can be achieved. This is not so, nothing permanent can occur in the illusion . . . neither joy and happiness, nor pain and suffering. Because within the illusion only collapse and disintegration leading to permanent dissolution into nothingness is possible.

You are at last realizing this, and now you need to release yourselves from your unholy dream by forgiving yourselves and all others for the apparent crimes, betrayals, and suffering that you have inflicted so convincingly on one another over the eons. By doing so you remove the unstable foundations that support the illusion, allowing it to crumble and disintegrate so that the veil it has drawn across Reality dissolves — enabling you to awaken into your Father’s loving presence.

There is no way that you can maintain the illusion. It truly never existed, but you can continue your attachment to it, thus extending it for seemingly interminable eons while you continue in your attempts to make it real. But why would you do that when you know, as you most certainly do deep within yourselves, that to do so is pointless and painful? Stop judging, forgive yourselves and one another, and awaken into the eternal joy of Reality — your divine Home — in your Father’s infinitely loving Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.

© John Smallman

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