A change of heart changes everything.

SaLuSa – 21st July 2010

Pride has its place in life and there is certainly nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements. In fact where some individuals are concerned it comes from the desire to be cleansed on all levels, as part of becoming more of the Light. Cleanliness and tidiness is a sign of a mindset that desires to present that person as looking to bring perfection into their life. It is caring about self and having respect for the temple that you call your body, which is your physical vehicle throughout life. Thought as always is a creative power, and as you envision yourself so you manifest what you want to be. When you begin to live in the Light you draw harmony and balance into your life, and it is part of your transition to a higher level of expression. However, it does not mean that those who carry no such aspirations are without spiritual understanding. Seeking upliftment is a stage that you go through when you do not feel at ease in the lower vibrations, and it will come to all in good time. You cannot really avoid it as the energies being beamed to Earth, are raising your level of consciousness higher than before. With it comes a desire for beauty and harmony in both a spiritual and physical sense.

In the course of the changes coming to Earth, the mass consciousness will dramatically change and people will see what is around them in a different light. For example you will move into a preference for new designs particularly in building, and the traditional square shapes will give way to those that are circular. Materials used will be more natural, and you will advance to organic materials such as we normally use. Of course you do use natural materials, but you also cover large areas of the Mothers Earth’s surface with concrete, and it stops her from breathing. You will know already that we build our Spacecraft with organic materials, and they are programmed with levels of consciousness that makes them self-proficient. Visitors to our craft have noted how the crews can interact with them to a very high degree. Naturally when we can move amongst you, we shall share such knowledge with you so that your advancement will speed ahead.

There is much for you to learn that needs revising in light of the truth we shall bring. It is to be expected that some of your beliefs and theories are inaccurate, and what we shall do is enable you to make a quantum leap into the future. There is as you might say a lot of catching up to do, and also the development of many good ideas you have already been working on. Nanotechnology is one example of what you have seen as a desirable advancement, and it will come into being. It is unfortunate that so many advancements that could have benefited Mankind, have been deliberately hidden away to keep the status quo where profit is put before your well-being. Yet massive amounts of your money have been invested in new technologies for military power. While these policies are followed, you are clearly not going to see peace come to your world. However, that is soon to all change and the war machine will grind to a halt and be dismantled. We shall bring you peace andensure that all weaponry is neutralized by our higher technologies. We are coming not to perpetuate the old life style, but introduce you to an easier and more satisfying way that will restore your sovereignty. You are to become free to have more time to follow your own pursuits, and the drudgery of life will be removed and replaced with more acceptable conditions that allow time for it.

The changes are lined up and in a well advanced state, that means once we can commence events will move forward quite quickly to say the least. You can sense that the dark Ones are losing their grip on you, and as they do so they will be unable to re-claim lost ground. We are blocking any moves they may make to establish any major threat, having already averted the potential of a serious incident. We are here to lead you on to a successful conclusion in your quest for Ascension. That result is beyond doubt and is already written in the annals of time. You may therefore set your sights fully upon ascending, and the plan is being supported by many Councils and individuals who are also helping you go forward. You would undoubtedly be surprised if you knew how many of them were with you at this time.

There are times when you feel that you need extra support, and in such instances it is as well to remember that you can contact your Higher Self. We often mention about allowing time for yourself and this is one of those occasions. If you have the names of your Guides then use them to make a contact, and if you have attached yourself to one of the great Angelic Beings such as Archangel Michael even better. Your prayers or petitions will be heard, and the answers may come in unexpected ways, such as through another source. You are indeed never alone, and in your times of need your Guides draw closer to you and welcome contact with you.

The Solar Cycle draws to a close and we the Galactic Federation are with you to experience the final days. This time unlike Atlantis you have avoided destroying yourselves, and rightly deserve the opportunity of Ascension. In its time Atlantis was a great spiritual civilization, but then the darkness descended upon them and they spiraled out of control down the path to oblivion. So many of you now on Earth were there in its demise, and subconsciously you still carry memories of that time. It is why perhaps you have felt fear at the possibility of another collapse leading to extinction. However, the signs are positive and as we mentioned, you are picking it up and it is helping you overcome your doubts. There are however a number of different predictions for the end times, and if you find that confusing rely on your intuitive feelings.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the picture will be come clearer before much longer, and we as much as you are pressing onwards to hasten the final showdown with the dark Ones. Victory is already with the Light, but the final days need to be enacted out for the sake of every soul on Earth. Our love is accompanying you all of the way, and we want this time to be remembered as a successful turning point in your evolution. The fact that it is not just the end of a Solar Cycle, but one affecting the complete Universe makes it all the more important to you, and indeed also to us.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

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