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Ashtar July 20, 2010 The Coming Time: An Explosion of the New

By Mark Stearn. 20th July, 2010.
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Greetings my brave friends. The world continues to appear uncertain and the unknown is at the forefront of the mass consciousness at this time. The old is being collectively dismantled and being cleared away to make the way clear for the exciting new vistas that are ahead for all sons and daughters of god and goddess.

Your current world cannot survive in it’s existing state. The sense that something big is in store is at the heart of all current communications from on high. The light is introducing plans for the new structures through the hearts of all lightservers and warriors now. The crystal cities are a riot of colour, activity and diverse consciousness as they meet from all over the multiverse to add their flavour to the new planetary and universal mix.

Your world is not in danger. It is important to know and realise this. Change of planetary magnitude is allways the emans of an entire earth shake up and a grand and new awakening for all essences of the source. In the approaching period profit will continue to drop and companies the world over will go down as the earth grows more unstable.

Banks will be forced to reassess their mode of operation. Instability will be clearly in the air as the planet appears to grow more unable to support itself without a new mode of operation that meets the voice and needs of all hearts worldwide. Through the consistent and vast spiritual activation that the planet and one and all are experiencing the power is being returned to the people even if for now it is energetically.

The major, basic and vital templates for the new world and it’s operation are being laid down at this time. Never forget dear friends that this is an incredibly exciting time to live for truly anything is possible. You stand at the crux of a vast worldwide revolution, activation and awakening for all hearts the world over.

More souls are ready and willing for change. It is the language that is clearly in the air. We your friends are anxious to fill your skies however all in the given time frame. When first contact is time to occur there will be an impending and exciting silence in the air and all lightservers will intuitively be on the outlook for something that is only destined to occur.

Be in the moment exciting friends and keep a close eye on the unfolding of the earth for truly anything is possible now. Until we meet again. I am your friend and brother, I love you,


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