You are and always will be exactly perfect as you were meant.

Each of you CAN communicate with personalities in the higher realms

By by an Arch Angel by direction of Gabriel thru Brad
Jul 16, 2010 – 9:10:12 AM

Received by Brad on July 7, 2010

There is grand and good reason for the warnings and updates given by others that have been posted for the community. It is not so much that the prophecies or forecasts precisely unfolded that is significant. It is significant that some are regularly communicating with the personalities of higher dimensions. It is that they are teaching a pattern of being that will be of EXTREME VALUE to each of you as the days unfold within your dimension.

EACH OF YOU HAS THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE PERSONALITIES OF THE HIGHER REALMS. When you read another’s words that were given by a one of higher order it is much like you watching one of your national or international news broadcasts. You may find items of interest but, in reality, you truly cannot do much to impact what transpires in another part of the world. It piques your curiosity but rarely stirs you to action.


The reality of life is that you should be in tune and pay grand attention to that which impacts your space, your immediate locality. The posted warnings and updates were, in part, given to bring you to the conscious awareness that some are receiving directly from higher dimensional personalities. This gives you a pattern to follow. Certainly it is of natural curiosity to want to know if and when a great tsunami may happen upon the shores of Thailand but how much better for you to know of something that will transpire that has the potential of significantly impacting you within your space?

Human language is not adequate to allow me to emphasize strongly enough just how crucial it is for you to begin and to consistently communicate with personalities of higher dimension ON A PERSONAL BASIS as you move through time! In so many cases your continued physical existence will come to depend on just such communications.

I heartily encourage you not to be a one that loses your life or misses some grand opportunity because you had not yet awakened to the reality that there are beings of tremendous wisdom always available to commune with you and to provide wise personal counsel far beyond any you might read on your internet or view on your earthly news broadcast.

Possessing love for you so beyond human understanding, the Hosts of Heaven are available in countless numbers to always assist you. They are here to provide counsel and promptings so this wonderful plan of God’s may roll forth. Your direct and immediate participation is critical to this unfolding work.

Each of you personally knows how to go about this communication. Take a time or more each day. Declare it in advance and make note on your personal calendars of these appointments. Put on your “spiritual” hat. Ask for divine communication and open to receive. You can discern the difference between our communicating with you and the personal voice inside your head just as you can discern the difference between the personal voice inside your head and the voices on one of your radios. It is not magic. It is reality. And it is a crucial step in your co-creating ventures. Human procrastination is not divine. You will be best served to begin your personal communications as soon as circumstances allow though certainly before this day is concluded. Make them an important and integral part of each new day. Herein you will discover rewards exceeding your grandest expectations.

Presented by an Arch Angel by direction of Gabriel


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