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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Easy Understanding

Galactic Alignments are gateways that are created by a particular alignment of the planets and stars of our universe with the Earth. When planets or stars move into a geometrical position in relationship with the Earth, it sets up a communication channel. This channel is a gateway for information to flow through. The more conscious and receptive we are of this available channel, the more we can open to receive, assimilate and utilize this energy and information in our lives.

Galactic Alignments are great opportunities to enjoy aligning with others during these powerful times of group acceleration into a higher octave of unity consciousness.

Dear Ones!

We are in an eclipse cycle now and moving into ~~~
Saturday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.
I’m sure you all are feeling it.
This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
is packed with energy from the Grand Square
that is happening as well as a T-Cross.

These squares and crosses are of course
grand opportunities for us to
make major transformations in our lives.


The Lunar and Solar Eclipses are
quite significant shifts of energy on a planetary scale.

Remember, our main sources of light
have been from our Sun and our Moon.

This light, gives us information,
codes of energy that
support our consciousness in physical form.

Biological life here on Earth
breathes the light
of the Sun and the Moon.

We receive this light information,
the codes of energy for our biological forms.

When we experience an eclipse,
a new light is shining with new information.

The old energies are washed away
and there is room for new codes of light
to be absorbed into
the biological structure of our body.


The Lunar Eclipse, the feminine energy, is a healing and washing away of old emotional energies that no longer serve the growth, expansion and alignment with ones divine blueprint or essence. These can be emotional energies of fear, doubt, sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, pain, anger, worry, or a multitude of other emotional qualities. Fear can trigger many emotional qualities to emerge and move through the body and mind. A lack of trust can also stimulate emotional qualities that keep us from expressing our truth, joy, love and light.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, with Pluto conjunct the Moon, and the grand T-Cross will serve us to transform, at the deepest levels, old patterns of emotions that no longer serve our highest good.

Our emotional expression is our key to transformation and recalibrating ourselves to a higher, lighter frequency of energy that is in divine alignment with the Earth’s new etheric body.

An energy of “delight” is one that is useful
for us to feel in our hearts.
Attuning ourselves with the energy of “delight”
keeps us
De – Light – Ful!

Spend some time
meditating and attuning yourselves
with the Earth,
and aligning yourself (through your intention)
with the eclipse cycle.

Simply breathe into your body,
and begin breathing as if you are
filling up the whole Earth with your breath.
Breathe into the Earth.
Breathe as one with the Earth.
Breathe into the Earth’s new body of light.

Feel your heart connected
to the heart pulse of the Earth,
the pulse of life that rhythmically moves
as a gentle pulsing wave of energy.

Surrender your mind, surrender your emotions,
as you sink into this wave
and breathe with it as one.
Breathe as one wave of energy,
one rhythmic pulse of life.

Acknowledge your connection with the Sun and the Moon and the heavenly celestial bodies. Breathe in divine light shining through you and through the Earth.

Call to the angelic realms, the angels, for there assistance and support. Call on your spirit guides that are here to support you, and call to your animal guides.

In this feeling of connection,
feel and express your gratitude
for your connection with all life.

Express your loving prayers of your heart.
Ask for the washing away and letting go of all emotions
that no longer serve your highest expression.

Ask for what you truly desire.
Ask to be in divine alignment with your
highest expression and service here on Earth.

Breathe in Joy,
Breathe in Light,
Breathe in Connection
to your divine connection
with the matrix of life.

Feel the energy of “De-light” in your heart.

I suggest, taking some time, can be just moments, to be in the Moonlight if possible before, during and after the eclipse.

After the eclipse, bathe in the new light from the MOON and breathe this light into your body. Breathe in De-light!

Say YES to more Love,
more Joy, more Light, more Expression!
More Celebration!

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