Live authentically, And savor each precious moment of your journey; Because the moment you arrive at a destination, Another journey beings.

— Joe Keane

HILARION ~ Welcome Back Beloved Lightworkers

These times that you are living in are the most challenging and most exhilarating Humankind has ever experienced. These times are filled with the old structures and paradigms collapsing all around you and at the same time, the new way of living and being is being implemented, this is truly a wondrous time to be present in a physical body as these changes occur and each of you are an active participant in them. Well met, Beloved Ones! Many of you are leaving the old patterns behind you and embracing a new way, a way of sovereignty and personal power, a way of peace, loving kindness, compassion for all, for how can it be otherwise, for when you gaze into the eyes of your sister or brother, you see their Divinity reflected there.

In the next month or so, there will continue to be great changes taking place within the minds and hearts of Humanity and there will be great revelations taking place in each one’s consciousness and understanding. Much will change as this happens, for the force of Love is at work and there is no greater power in existence. Many things that were hidden will come to Light and the minds of Humanity will be experiencing shock and awe as they come forth. Know that each of you are prepared to take your places as this happens and that you have been placed in exactly the right spot to be of the greatest benefit to the Earth and all upon Her. Your Light is a shining Beacon and each of you hold a greater role in the Divine Plan than you can imagine at this time. Your Light transmutes and transforms and stabilizes everything within the radius of your home for hundreds of miles around you. That is how powerful you are!

Go through these times remembering the Light that you are and daily affirm that you are the Light and the Light is needed now. As the Cosmic Forces pour down upon the atmosphere of the Earth, all will be affected in a way that is in keeping with the Path that each has chosen to walk in these changing times. Let go of the fetters and the illusions and the games that are still playing around you. We understand that this is very difficult to do when it is your own Loved Ones who are in the midst of these, but you must hold steady your Light and your great faith in the Light of God that never fails and never falter. Call upon the Forces of Light that surround you and believe that all is as it should be.

Each day, take the time to affirm the life that you envision for yourselves and your Loved Ones and hold steady to the vision. In the midst of the chaos, your visions will see you through. You are our Front Line teams, you are the ones who have held the Light steady upon the Earth, even when you have been severely tested, and, we know that you have been, Dear Ones and that it does not seem fair, for those who are so good, so kind, so loving to be asked to bear such great burdens. Know that this, too, shall pass and you will all see the Light of a new day upon your Planet and life as you have known it shall be forever changed for the better and all that you have so earnestly desired within your hearts shall come to pass. You shall come to understand that not all is as it seems and the greater picture of your current experiences shall begin to come into your awareness.

The most important thing to remember is that you are loved beyond measure by we of the Higher realms and that you are literally, never alone. Write down affirmations that empower you and repeat them constantly. Hold to the feelings of joy, anticipation and well-being, of excited anticipation for the new era that will soon come to pass. You can do this, Beloved Hearts, you can and will do this because you hold the greatest Love the world has ever seen within your Beings and as you remember who and what you are, the blessings you bring to those around you will become apparent and no longer will you be the Invisible Ones because of the Light you have held. It was necessary in order to protect you all and everything that you have had to live and endure was for a greater purpose. You are now in the home stretch of your journey and soon many more of your Brothers and Sisters will Awaken and join you in this Great Work, and perhaps even your Beloved Family members will be among them. Take heart and keep on keeping on!

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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