What comes from the heart goes to the heart.

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Eclipses of Summer 2010: The Transformation Begins, by DL Zeta

The approaching energies of the full moon lunar eclipse triggered a wave of increasing intensity this past week. These energies will extend into coming weeks and months, bringing about clearing and release at all levels.

Lunar Eclipse Energies and the Clearing of Cellular Trauma

Foremost in the clearing will be residual emotions lingering from past traumas. These residual emotions derive from past times when a challenge or rite of passage triggered deep emotions we were unable to fully understand and process at the time. When this occurs, the episode and its residual emotions enter into the fabric of our being, spinning out new versions of itself over time to provide us with new opportunities for healing and release.

These unprocessed emotions can become trapped in cellular memory, spinning out new versions of themselves over time. Each new version will be slightly different from the one before, often “kinder and gentler” as our understanding of the core issue grows with each reenactment.

Releasing Resistance to the Healing Flow

The potent energies of this lunar eclipse will touch on all deeply-felt “sacred wounds” in an attempt to help us access new levels of healing and release. If we resist this clearing, we will experience new and increasingly insurmountable obstacles on our path.

If this seems to be happening, there is a simple solution within the moment: slow down, breathe deeply and ask for guidance and assistance. Be willing to examine the situation before you from the perspective of a detached observer. Read the symbols present within the moment to find ways you may be swimming against the tide of the current flow.

By releasing resistance and welcoming the emotional clearing now taking place, you will be able to make the most of the opportunities these energies offer.

Journaling and Dreamwork Bring Clarity to ‘Waking Dreams’

If you aren’t certain what is being asked of you at this time, journaling and writing down and interpreting your dreams can offer important clues. Journaling is similar to dream work in that it helps you gain perspective and insight into your “waking dream.”

Anyone who holds the illusion that they will be able to scrape by the lunar eclipse’s housecleaning energies might want to reconsider. A powerful T-square formed by Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn ensures the energies are felt by everyone everywhere. No one is exempt.

Preparing for the July 11 Solar Eclipse: New Visions and Downloads

As the clearings do their work, a tranquil time will ensue. The period between the June 26 lunar eclipse and the July 11 solar eclipse will bring many new downloads and visions upon which to build a new and more vibrant future.

Inner spaces newly cleared of old, stagnant emotions will welcome the dazzling array of new possibilities flooding your consciousness. From these visions, you can build the vision that will carry you into the transformative times ahead. These times allow you to take quantum leaps in the effort to forge a new identity empowered to create the realities aligned with your new dreams and visions.

If you have set the groundwork of clearing old energies and building a new vision for the future, the July 11 solar eclipse will provide the fuel to manifest these new visions.

Accessing Portals of Enhanced Creativity and Manifestation

The amplified energies of the July solar eclipse open a portal to enhanced creativity and manifesting. To make the most of this time of profound change and manifestation, be willing to answer the call of your higher self. Be willing to ride the lunar eclipse’s waves of clearing into a new and more spiritually aligned, empowered and creative identity. This identity will know how to navigate the new times now unfolding on Planet Earth.

We offer 15 steps for making the most of this profound period of change and transformation.

One) Spend time in nature — connect with the peace and perfection of plants, trees, flowers and the night sky.

Two) Take daily sun baths for 10 to 15 minutes. Visualize the sun’s light filling the cells of your body.

Three) Spend time each day nurturing yourself. Begin a new health regimen, prepare healthy meals for yourself, receive spa treatments, massages, etc. Homeopathy, essential oils and flower essences can prove beneficial during this time.

Four) Clear up energy in your environment and arrange spaces in inspiring and uplifting ways.

Five) Make time for creative play, focusing on the process rather than the product.

Six) Allow your imagination to lead you on journeys in consciousness. Your imagination is your doorway to higher consciousness.

Seven) Practice yoga, tai chi and other forms of movement that align mind, body and spirit.

Eight) Make a gratitude list, expressing appreciation for everything in your life. This includes any challenges or “tests” that may come before you at this time.

Nine) Donate to charities that help animals, the environment and the underprivileged. Regularly giving to those in need keeps you aligned with your heart. We are all earth angels capable of answering the call to administer divine assistance.

Ten) Each time you encounter stress or negativity, align your thoughts and feelings with unconditional love. This allows you to stay positive, focused and grounded.

Eleven) Now more than ever it’s important to eat clean and healthy. On the priority list are root vegetables and dark, leafy vegetables.

Twelve) Pay attention to the guidance and messages you receive within each moment. Messages will arrive in dreams and meditation. Journal thoughts, impressions and observations as well as any intuitive downloads you receive.

Thirteen) Notice any emotional triggers and open to their messages. People and situations will show up on many fronts to trigger any residual emotions you are holding.

Fourteen) Love and forgive yourself and others for any perceived imperfections. We hold soul contracts with numerous beings who have agreed to help us in our journey of self-awareness and vice versa.

Fifteen) Accept and embrace that you are a wise and powerful being capable to bestowing blessings on all you encounter.

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