God is the head of this house. The unseen guest at every meal. The silent listener to every conversation! ♥ In Love And Light Always!

— ♥ Richard

Enough is enough

The moment for humanity’s awakening is fast approaching, even though you may not be sensing it. And when it arrives you will awaken with delight into the magnificent brilliance of Reality. The illusion is crumbling; its days are numbered; and as it collapses around you, you will gasp at the beauty of the true reality it has kept hidden from you.

The awakening of humanity is to be a stupendous event for all, as the veils fall from in front of your eyes and you finally see before you that for which you have been hoping and praying for so long. While you have been occupying human bodies lost in the illusion, you have also been doing much work on inner levels to prepare yourselves to address the issues that lie buried and unresolved beneath your conscious awareness, to understand them, and to release them.

For most of you, they have been very heavy burdens, generating emotional pain and suffering whose cause you could not identify, often leading to severe illness or physical accidents. When you address and release these issues — which, broadly speaking, relate to your sense of separation and abandonment — you will be quite overcome with the sense of lightness and buoyancy you experience. Some of you already get a faint awareness of this when you meditate.

So, during these remaining times in the illusion, confirm your intention to address and release the residue of your unacknowledged and unresolved issues when you pray and meditate. You will find that by doing so your physical energy will increase and you will tire less easily; also, the behavior of others, which you would normally judge as offensive or unacceptable, will seem less unsettling or threatening.

You truly are well established on your journey out of your insane, illusory dream state towards your awakened state of full consciousness. You are all beginning to say “Enough is enough” with regard to the turmoil, confusion, and suffering that surrounds and in some cases envelops you. And you are right: it is most definitely time to move forward towards the divine Light of Reality that is continuously beckoning you Homewards.

Disillusion with the illusion was bound to happen, and now that it has, your desire and fear-driven intent to seek security there has passed the deepest point of despair to which it could lead you, so that you are now turned around and heading out.

It is a time to rejoice because to recognize the illusion for what it is — an imaginary place of desperate and endless suffering — as you have done, is a most august achievement. The journey to the turning-point was winding, laborious, and mainly uphill, whereas the return journey is direct and mainly downhill with the ever increasing brightness of your destination’s holy Light to guide you safely Home. Your long and arduous journey is almost completed, and untold joy awaits you when you arrive Home — as you most certainly will.

What you experience when you arrive will so delight you that every last trace of the suffering that you have endured will be swept from your memories. You will be left with only the infinite eternal happiness that our ever-loving Father has prepared for you, as you once more experience the wonder of your unity with Him.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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