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The Three Concepts ~ A Message from Jeshua

Aluna Joy – June 2010

Among many of my teachings, three concepts have more importance today than ever before. The first concept is “As above, so below”. The second is “What I have done, you can do also, and greater things”. And the third and most important concept is “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”.

When each human being fully grasps these three concepts, without fail, you will heal your world, and manifest Heaven on Earth. This is a very holy time that is upon you now. I say to you now, a new and harmonious world has already been created in Spirit. Currently your world is now morphing. It is mirroring in the below of your world that which is already manifested as above in Spirit.

This is why many seekers of the truth are becoming increasingly more dissatisfied with your old world paradigm. Frustration is growing, because you are now beginning to feel the comparative energy of the new world manifesting, while still having a foot in old world. Old structures appear to be crumbling around you. You are feeling an intense need for freedom . . . to cut yourself free, physically, spiritually etc. You may have a great need to be mobile and fluid in your life. You are preparing to let go of a dualistic world, so you can begin living Heaven on Earth.

When I taught What I have done you can do also, and greater things, this new world, that humanity is creating, is part of these greater things. I, and many other Ascended Masters of the Great White Brother/Sisterhood, see that you are capable of many miraculous things you have yet to manifest.

This brings me to the third concept . . . The Kingdom of Heaven is within. What each of you have within you is simply heaven itself. This paradise that you hold in your heart center is a seed that will begin to manifest in the world now. You will find that you are working to make your world perfect, so it will reflect what you have inside of yourselves. This is holistic spirituality and a total awakening; not only for humanity, but for all life in your dimension.

This is the challenge that is upon you now. The frequency of your Earth, solar system and galaxy is ripe for you to seed the new Garden of Eden. This garden includes the light of knowledge and the wisdom that you ALL contain inside you. The time has arrived for you to help bring about a new world. The struggle to maintain light will soon be over. This transition will be effortless, like your heart beating, because the new frequencies will support this materialization.

This materialization of the new world cannot be stopped. Anything that is out of alignment with the light of higher truth will not sprout in this new garden. The momentum of the light of the new world is far too immense for anything to hamper its arrival. It is time for that which is above . . . to BE as below.

Sending love, courage and unity in the light

© AlunaJoy

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