You are Beautiful in every way.

Your angels are nudging you.

You are all on the path Home. There is no other path, no other destination, and there is no possibility that you could fail to arrive. You have been on a strange journey into an imaginary reality of heartbreak and suffering, experiencing a vivid and fearful dream in which you seemed to be alone, abandoned, and worthless. You had to fight for survival, and so you joined with others having a similar dream . . . but whom you could not trust. And so you ended up in a state of constant war during which peaceful moments occurred only as you regrouped to prepare for the next onslaught.

The constant feeling underlying the dream has been fear and anxiety, as you live in expectation of the next painful and possibly catastrophic event. But the dream is very old now, and your willingness to support it is collapsing. You have had enough pain, and enough suffering — far too much in fact, as you let your imaginations run riot. It is time to release the nightmare and awaken into the divine Reality which is your eternal and infinitely joyful Home.

For some of you the dream seems very real now, very intense, endless — and with no way out. But this is not the case. Its very foundations are crumbling rapidly, and because it has seemed so real to you for so long, that disintegration is frightening as you wonder if it will be replaced by something far worse . . . or nothing — a termination of your existence. The fact that you do not want your existence terminated is a very clear sign that deep within you is knowledge — albeit hidden in your unawareness — of a far, far happier state of being. Focus your attention there! Know that it is so, and that you will awaken from your horrific and seemingly endless dream.

The dream is a figment, fragments of a non-existent reality of chaos and confusion, that you manufactured for your amusement, and which then seemed to build into itself a firmness and solidity that is indestructible. Within that structure all manner of horrendous and catastrophic events occur, and you become engaged and drawn in, to attempt to repair the enormous damage you see and feel responsible for, and of which you are ashamed. Your awareness that you are within a dream that you have built fades from your consciousness, making it all seem very real.

However painful dreams are, being completely unreal they cannot last. Sudddenly they dissolve, and the fear and suffering they engendered are gone — having never existed. You are to awaken; your angels, your guides, and your teachers are nudging you. You are continuing to resist their efforts, but resistance is futile because whiffs, sounds, and sensations of God’s magnificent, divine Reality are beginning to seep through the barriers your sleeping state erected, like delicious, irresistable temptations. Joy is about to break in on your slumber and awaken you — HALLELUJAH!

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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