The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

— Audrey Hepburn

Sense of Belonging- The Kingdom of Light

Arch Angel Uriel (Ariel) thru Hazel
Jun 18, 2010 – 12:48:14 PM

On your planet at this moment there are many soul groups unknown to and beyond the comprehension of the physical aspect of man. These soul groups incarnate for different reasons, some karmic, others in service.

It becomes inevitable during the journey that is your life, that streamlining takes place. Beings fall naturally into the categories they agreed to be a part of. The exception being, those who cannot be brought into an awareness of their decisions at soul level. These ones sometimes drift with the flow of mortal creations, never recognising their true purpose and unknowingly fall into an unconscious soul group which slumbers throughout the mortal experience.

I want to speak to you Light workers who come in service to God and self. Unbeknownst to many of you, by holding out your selves as light workers you are claiming your destiny and gravitating to the soul group of Light through the awakening of your higher consciousness.

You feel a sense of belonging within this group because at a soul level you recall your choice, your will for you, before incarnating. It matters not that your mortal senses cannot understand or lay claim to that knowledge, for your knowing is refined and emanates from your God mind which brings a natural understanding devoid of the need for proof.

There are pockets of you all over your world at varying degrees of enlightenment but sharing one soul purpose being, to spread the Light of God in different ways. You are mediums of the Light though you choose to channel that Light differently. Some spread that Light through the extension of truth learning; others through love awareness and others through the healing of spirit and body incorporating spiritual techniques to channel divine energy, the highest of God’s Light. This is your spiritual matrix, your comfort zone.

You are drawn to the divinity of those who come to share your experience albeit through slightly different tangents. You are representing the Kingdom; that is the Kingdom of Light, being the ultimate achievement, yet primal source.

The measure of your light is reflected in the variety and quality of your service. The quality of your light reflects the measure of your intent. For intent can never be hidden, it can be read through the instrument which calibrates your light- the frequency thermometer of your soul.

God’s Light never dims or extinguishes. If this were to take place, part or all of creation would be made obsolete. Your light must therefore glow at its highest peak. You are to be veritable stars. You must shine and sparkle when it is most dark. Do you understand?

During this time of momentous change, the battle field is divided for the final confrontation between dark and light. This is the time for you light workers to take hold of your mighty sword of divine light, empowered by the energy of God and go forth to reclaim your heritage of light for the ALL. You are warriors within the Father’s regiment come to lead his children home. Are you up to the task? Beloveds this is one of the most onerous challenges you may have to face but you would not have been sent had you not been equipped to assume the role responsibly. Let go of whatever baggage which seeks to dim your light for you can only win the battle through your highest vibration.

Allow the oneness of your purpose to give you that meaningful sense of belonging. Know that you come from the Kingdom of Light to serve the divine cause. You are light bearers, light warriors and light teachers.

Let the light mould your every action, thought and feeling and use it conscientiously to break down your self limiting boundaries of human perception and conception so that your primordial form may echo, breathe and resonate light on to all things and all ones.

My message to you is that you must represent the Kingdom with honour. Be worthy emissaries of the Light. This is your commission. At the end of your service you shall be awarded higher degrees of light which can be used to decorate your crown.

I am the Arch Angel Uriel, come again to bring a message to enlighten your immortal soul that you may know who you are -“The Light” and feel that sense of belonging . You are defined in spirit by the measure of your Light. Seek it with fervour and you shall be able to re-give it with fervour.

Blessed be to you, children of the most High.

© AbundantHope

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