Just like a butterfly changes from an awkward caterpillar, we are also capable of magnificent change.

There is only one reason for sentient beings to exist…

When you move into your fully-conscious state — awareness of your oneness with each other and with God — there will be untold rejoicing in the realms of spirit, your heavenly home, as you awaken and know yourselves once more. The distractions and confusion of the illusory reality, in which you have buried yourselves for so long, will be gone along with all the problems of that strange dream state.

Your Father created you joyfully as an inseparable and essential part of Himself, and He longs for you to awaken, to know and experience permanently that wondrous state. It is where you exist always, and to be unaware of that is to miss out completely on the reason for your existence. There is only one reason for sentient beings (and humans definitely are sentient beings) to exist, and that is so that they can enjoy permanently, in every moment, the wonder of being blissful, ecstatic, and brilliant extensions of the divine Father.

The immensity of the gulf between God, the divine Reality, and the insane illusory reality in which humanity appears to exist beggars belief! Reality is a state of divine beauty and harmony that you truly cannot conceive of while you slumber on in the illusion. The judgments that you are continually making between right and wrong, good and evil, would be hilarious if it were not for the intense suffering you bring upon yourselves by these judgments. Your need to awaken is absolute. It is the divine Will that you do so, and yours as well.

Humanity is incapable of judgment. You have neither the knowledge, the wisdom, nor the discernment to engage in such a divisive and loveless activity. It is bereft of understanding and compassion. And honesty in judgment, as you deliver it and experience it, is as illusory as the illusory reality in which you have attempted to hide yourselves from your infinitely loving Father.

He does not judge because His divine creation is perfect, so there is nothing to judge. You are all essential aspects of His creation, created perfectly in Love, and infinitely lovable. To enable you to return to awareness of Reality — God’s divine creation of infinite abundant perfection, in which every tiny detail fits together in beautiful, loving harmony — you have to release every intimation of judgment, condemnation, and blame of yourselves and of others. Judgment divides and separates, so while you hold onto it or attach yourselves to it in any way at all, you are attempting to be separate from the Oneness that is God and all of His creation.

The only way you can achieve this sense of separation is to bury yourselves in the illusion that you have made, where pain and suffering are rampant — a state of non-reality and confusion apparently filled with devastation and catastrophe that can destroy you at any instant. This is not a happy state!

Release your attachment to judgment, embrace forgiveness, and awaken into Reality, your divine, eternal home, where your fully-conscious presence is sorely missed. You are divine beings of infinite beauty and perfection; so awaken into the brilliance of Reality and experience once more the wonder of who you are, and delight in the magnificent welcome that is awaiting your return to full consciousness.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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