Abandon rules, love as you will…
Do as you will, forget the future…

— Mayday

Conscious Ascension Part II

“You are not leaving the Earth to live in Unity Consciousness.
You are rather bringing the consciousness of Unity that already
exists in the 5th Dimension into your hearts, your bodies and your

Messages from The Masters


May 31, 2010

Conscious Ascension Part II

Living as your Presence or Master Self is
the key for unlocking the door to your
ascension into the 5th Dimension.

Masters El Morya and Lady Miriam

Your heart and all of your Spiritual Centers are shifting into new
frequencies to integrate your expanded capacity to live in Unity
Consciousness on the 5th Dimension. Everything in your body, mind, and
world is made up of pure energy ~ energy that is constantly being
defined by your conscious or unconscious thoughts and feelings. These
thoughts and feelings determine the reality you live in and the
reality you see all around you.

It is vital to remember, especially in your current cycle, that it is
often your unconscious thoughts and feelings that are creating your
world. Within our Courses to Walk the Earth as a Living Master and
Conscious Ascension, we give Lightwork Exercises for transforming old
beliefs and patterns so your life moves into conscious harmony with
the higher calling of your Presence and your creations can reflect
your true intent. Part of our purpose in working with you is to remove
any habits you may have adopted based on the thoughts, feelings and
memories of the collective consciousness of humanity. You can easily
see that being surrounded by these fields of thought and feeling while
maintaining a true connection to your original encoding from Source is
what is required of every soul dedicated to living their mastery.

As you take full responsibility for your 3rd dimensional creations, new
creative energies will be released and Divine Grace will naturally start
flowing into your life and relationships.

What you are supporting within the memories you have stored within and
around your body determines how direct your link is to your Presence.
Each day you expand or contract this connection based on where you are
focusing your thoughts and feelings and how much time you spend musing
over your past or worrying about your future. The unconscious levels
of your own mind are connected into the collective mind of humanity
until you choose to practice walking the Earth as a Living Master by
taking responsibility for transforming the way that you think, live
and love.

The 5th Dimension is being sustained within a grid of consciousness
that is presently surrounding and penetrating your planet and all life
upon her. As you move into living as your true Presence or Master
Self, you naturally begin aligning the whole of your being with the
beautifully refined frequencies of Unity Consciousness that begin on
the 5th Dimension. With dedication to the truth that lies within the
core of your original encoding from Source, you can truly start
aligning your everyday life with your Presence. This is how you bring
heaven to Earth.

Humanity’s higher feeling nature has not been free enough to integrate
and experience the authenticity of Divine Love since the last Golden
Age. Yet due to the immense Grace that is now being bestowed upon
humankind, all of the misinformation that may still be held within
your body, mind and feeling nature can be transformed and lifted back
into the pure Love and Light of Source. The chaos you are witnessing
around your world is demonstrating this purification process. Our
Course in walking your mastery offers very simple exercises so that
you may easily create a harmonious transformation by lifting your
creations back into harmony with your Presence.

All those within the heavenly realms are with you as you make this
transition into the 5th Dimension. They know that this shift requires
your willingness to witness your life with as much neutrality as
possible. This witnessing capacity is part of your walking the Earth
as a Living Master. The celestial hosts of the Elohim, who are the
builders of your form world, are also by your side as you move into
your greater capacities to create from the consciousness of your
Master Self or Presence.

Transformation is a natural part of any real shift in consciousness
and it is a natural part of moving into a new dimension. As the
ascension wave moves more deeply into the heart of the planet, it is
simultaneously lifting the consciousness of all life into the greater
Light. As you move through this, you are being continually graced with
receiving greater and greater increases in the Opalescent and Diamond
Love and Light of the Creator. These energies are coming forward to
augment your capacities to co-create the new Golden Age of Freedom.
One of our major focuses in our Conscious Ascension Course is to
prepare your body, mind and heart to assimilate these amplifications
of Light with as much ease as possible.

You are not leaving the Earth to live in Unity Consciousness.
You are rather bringing the consciousness of Unity that already
exists in the 5th Dimension into your hearts, your bodies and your

Source:  http://www.unitedstarseeds.org/profiles/blogs/conscious-ascension-part-ii

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