Out there in the snow, Or here in the sun: In Form or In Spirit, We Are All One!
Infinite vibrant waves of peace and love to my equally, if not, more special angel of the east! ♥ Always

— Marcelle

Your resistence is dissolving like sugar in a hot drink

As the moment for humanity’s move into full consciousness approaches, be aware that this will be a momentous event bringing untold joy to all on Planet Earth. You have been hoping and praying for this moment for eons, and now it is very close. Deep within you you all know this is so. You have been struggling with the inconsistencies, the confusions, and the chaos of your illusory reality in continuing attempts to find peace, love, and acceptance there, and finally the realization is dawning that “illusory peace,” “illusory love,” and “illusory acceptance” are all that you will find there. To achieve your heart’s true desire you must awaken from your nightmare of loneliness and separation into the light of divine acceptance, where you are one with each other and with your eternally loving Father. This is your true state of being, from which you have never departed — there is no other state.

You chose to imagine another state in which you were alone, separate, and completely unaware of God’s divine Reality — all that was, is, or ever will be — the state of divine eternal bliss in which God and His creation have their existence. That imaginary state has caused you much pain, suffering, and even despair. It is time to let it go and allow it to fade away as you awaken into the brillliant light of your Father’s Presence — God’s divine Reality — where you are infinitely loved, accepted, and cherished always, without end.

As this unimaginably exhilarating moment approaches, continue to offer your hearts to your Father, open fully to accept the abundance of His eternal Love, in order that you may receive It and be a conduit through which It flows to all those who are also open to It, so that you may experience It as a gift from and to each other, reminding you that you are all eternally One. The wonder of this approaching moment will, when it arrives, bring you to a state of sublime awe and ecstasy, as you once more become aware of who you truly are. Even when you are unaware — due to the seductive attractions of your illusory reality — and perhaps actually unconscious of the fact that your divine Father exists, you do know and have always known at a very deep level that what you were experiencing as humans was not even the palest shadow of Reality. That is why you have always been dissatisfied, even when it seemed that you had achieved everything that you had sought.

How could it be otherwise when you can never escape the knowledge that everything for which you strive will decay and crumble? Nothing that does not last, but decays and disintegrates, can ever satisfy you — because you were created to enjoy eternal satisfaction, and you cannot completely hide that knowledge from yourself. You can disguise it by distracting yourself; you can dismiss it by denying it; but it always remains with you — a state of non-specific anxiety that you try to ignore and refuse to address. Eventually you must address it by surrendering your heart to God and to your true Self, whereupon you will be inundated with a Love that is so full, so complete, and so all-encompassing that you will no longer be able to resist It, but will just allow yourself to sink into the depths of your Father’s loving embrace where you belong, and where you have always existed. It was only your determined resistance to that state that enabled you to convince yourself that you were separated from It — a stubborn and grumpy state of denial that you will be unable to maintain for very much longer.

The joy of your Father’s Love for you is seeping into your awareness, and your resistance is dissolving, like sugar in a hot drink, as you allow yourself once more to acknowledge that you are eternally One with Him.

With so very much love, Saul.

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