Abandon rules, love as you will…

— Mayday

Islands of love and forgiveness

As you are well aware, great changes are in progress all across the planet in preparation for the new age that you are building to replace the age of wars, pain, and suffering that you have been supporting for so long. The time for judgment, confrontation, and disagreement is drawing to a close, as the insanity and ineffectiveness of that way of living becomes increasingly apparent to you in every moment. It must cease, and it will — because it is unsustainable and utterly opposed to your true intentions of worldwide peace, harmony, and abundance.

You have all spent many lifetimes maturing and learning the divine lessons necessary to make this realignment of purpose possible. It has been a vast undertaking, and the immensity of what you have achieved will astound you when you awaken into the wonder that awaits you. God’s Love for you — His divine children — is too far beyond your comprehension to even attempt to describe it; it can only be experienced. Many of you have had brief moments of rapturous joy or enlightenment that have buoyed you up for weeks or even months, and which have given you enormous strength to continue on the burdensome Earth life paths you have chosen to follow. Even though the “high” of that experience was perhaps only momentary and has slowly faded, the memory of it remains to support and encourage you. It created an energy field around you of great love that is sensed by all with whom you interact, and which helps and encourages them as they strive to uncover the inextinguishable flame of divine Love burning continuously within each one of them.

Life for all on Earth at this point in her evolution is very demanding, but it is leading you constantly forward towards the eternal rewards that are your divine heritage. A great awareness has opened up recently in humanity concerning the misery and suffering of the less fortunate among you, along with a strong desire and intent to bring that state of affairs to an end. The beneficent effects of the energy this is producing are without precedent on Planet Earth. More and more of you are getting a sense, a feeling, an intense intuitive knowing that great events of a most profound and wonderful nature are divinely intended to unfold, and that they will not be held back or restrained for very much longer. There is a lot of excited anticipation in the air, despite the wars, the suffering, and the malfeasance and errors of large corporations and governments across the globe. Truly this is a time of growing hope and enthusiasm as the realization dawns on humanity that not only does life not need to be lived as it currently is, but that it can and will be changed and modified to bring joy and abundance to all.

The struggles that so many of you have been enduring to remain peaceful and compassionate in the face of disparagement, dishonesty, hypocrisy, and arrogant dismissal have been draining and disempowering, yet you have withstood these negative onslaughts and maintained your stations as islands of love and forgiveness, bringing solace and comfort to far more anxious and fearful souls than you can possibly imagine. Your enduring constancy has given support and encouragement to many people of whom you are completely unaware, and their gratefulness for that support adds further energy to the divine outpourings enveloping you all at this time.

Love is the divine creative energy, and as more and more of you open your hearts to receive It, welcome It, and share It, It continues to subsume, absorb, and transform the pervasive, unbalanced, and damaging energies that have for so long encouraged and supported fear, disagreement, and confrontation among you. That transformation is approaching completion, as all that is not Love is transformed or dissolved. A time of pure joy is rapidly approaching to replace forever the misery and suffering that has been endemic on Earth for so long.

With so very much love, Saul.

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