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SaLuSa – 31st May 2010

The Ascension finishing tape is in sight, but you will have had to enter the race if you are to cross that line. Even so there are still hurdles to cope with, and we encourage and help everyone to complete the course. In reality you all commenced many lives ago, knowing that this wonderful opportunity would be presented to you all before the end time. As you know by now, right up to the last it will be your choice as to whether you ascend. When the stirring starts to occur within, you will wonder what is happening in your life, as you will know that something is missing. It is likely to be an unsettling time, until you realize that the answers are also within. You will find that you are awakening to the urge to find your true self. You will know that you are more than just your physical body, and feel your spiritual awakening opening your eyes and heart. Sooner or later your path will open up, and the way will be lit with the truth.

The question is do you want to remain in duality, or break out of your sleepwalk and move fully aware into the Light. What awaits you is largely beyond your present understanding, but as you rise up so your consciousness will expand. So many Beings accompany you on your journey, and they will do everything in their power to help you and urge you ever onwards. You will surely know if you are one such soul, you are well on the way to the completion of your experiences in duality. It will be clear to you that you have learnt your lessons, and are ready to move on. There may be some tidying up to do on the way home, but a smooth pathway will carry you to Ascension.

Life seems to be a series of unconnected events, but in fact they are all connected which is why Mankind goes forward as a whole. In totality you all represent the mass consciousness of every soul, and you have been carefully nursed and led through your experiences in the roles you have chosen to play. It has been planned very carefully so as to awaken you slowly but surely, in a gradual rise in consciousness that you could cope with. The powerful energies coming to you from the higher dimensions have paved the way to the future, and will soon see you through the next big step in the process of Ascension. No attempts to prevent it will succeed, and it matters little what shall precede it on Earth. Just keep your sight on the reason you are here at this wondrous time, and know that any difficulties will be short lived. It is the end result that is important that comes with the closing of the cycle of duality.

Are you feeling a bit disconnected from day to day happenings, because you will in some ways become distant as you move more into a different mindset. Be assured you are not losing your memories, but the mundane events of Earth no longer have the power to hold your attention. Your mind is often “somewhere else” and you temporarily lose touch with reality. Your consciousness is moving into a higher vibration, as you merge closer to your Higher Self. You are in strange times to what you normally experience, but as the veil is lifted the Light will illuminate your mind with the truth of who you really are. In reality you are great Beings of Light, who stepped down into the lower realms for no other reason than that you wanted to expand your evolutionary experiences.

Dear Ones, there is so much to take in during these changing times, so let go of the old ways unless they serve the Light, and be ready to change your beliefs to those that come with the New Age. The way is simple and the direction is signposted by Love and Light. If you can find balance and harmony in your life now, we would say that you are already living from a higher state of consciousness. Is it then no wonder that you feel different to many people around you, and find their ways no longer acceptable? It is a sign of the separation that is occurring at the present time, and it is a perfectly normal development.

Once we can have direct contact with you, the changes will speed up and people will gravitate to those who are like themselves. Groups with a common interest will grow, and their contribution to the work ahead will hasten the whole process. This is something we encourage, and be assured we already know who has the abilities or qualifications to assist us. You will be invited to share our technological knowledge, and help use advanced equipment to clean up your Earth. It will not take long by your standards, and then all efforts can be concentrated on restoring your rights. The gap between where you are now and where you need to be must be bridged as soon as possible, to smoothly transition you to the ascended state.

If you are unclear as to what it all means it will be spelt out once we can use your media to reach you. The immensity of what is to come will astound you, and certainly the speed at which it will take place. Life for many will change to become a happy experience and full of excitement, as you are lifted up out of your suffering and your needs catered for at last. We speak of both your material and spiritual needs, as each is important to lift you up. Your fairy tale ending to life is to move into your reality, and it will be befitting for Humankind who has gone through so much heartache and disappointment. Happiness and joy will be the key to your next challenge, as you leave duality for good.

We of the Galactic Federation will close this message, by assuring you that everything is moving forward satisfactorily despite outer appearances. Naturally we would have preferred that matters were more advanced, but we have to go with the flow. We ask you to do the same and adjust as necessary, because the obstacles will be removed and the way forward will become a smooth journey. Make allowances for the strange times you are in, that are unlike any previous occasion and result from conditions imposed upon you by the dark forces. They never intended you should be settled and have time to enjoy your lives. That approach will however be consigned to the past very soon, and replaced with all that is needed for a happy life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and most pleased with your response to our presence, which makes our tasks so much easier to carry out.

Thank you SaLuSa

© Mike Quinsey

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