I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Each one of you is a perfect creation of divine Love

As the divine plan for humanity and Planet Earth continues to unfold, every one of you is doing your part, as you all agreed to do. When you observe the illusory reality you have built for yourselves, and all the suffering and disharmony that is occurring within it, remind yourselves that by focusing your attention on what is wrong with it you are supporting it, and all the wrongs you see therein. Without your focused attention and support the illusion will disintegrate.

So many of you have become aware that the apparent reality in which you are experiencing life is an illusion, nevertheless it still fascinates you and succeeds in attracting a large percentage of your attention. You do know that Reality, All That Exists, is contained within God Who is limitless, that there is nowhere else apart from Him, and that within Him is infinite divine harmony, peace and Love.

The disharmony and the suffering that you see and experience are the effects of your combined imaginations that build and support the illusion, as you focus your attention there. Your task is to focus on the Love on which your existence depends, by opening your hearts to receive It abundantly, and by allowing It to flow freely through you. As you do this you will realize that every one else is also enveloped in this divine energy field, and that it flows through them as it does through you.

Once this knowing starts to permeate your awareness what you see as wrong, unacceptable, and threatening in others will begin to dissolve as the light of Love in them, which is who they really are, becomes apparent to you. Their unpleasant aspects, on which you previously focused your attention, will be seen for what they are — calls for love and acceptance — just like aspects of yourself with which you are not terribly enamored, but which you may have used in self defense.

The way forward is to cease using defensive behavior in response to perceived attack, and to cease attacking those you perceive as wrong or threatening. You know from experience that this behavior encourages similar behavior in retaliation, and both parties end up feeling unfairly treated, and bearing grudges. Each one of you is a perfect creation of divine Love, so allow the light of that Love within you to direct all your thoughts, words, and actions. Truly this is what you all want, otherwise you would not pray for world peace.

World peace will occur, but you have to bring it about by being peaceful, not by defending peace. That truly is an oxymoron. The first time you make the decision not to defend yourself when attacked and act on that decision is the most difficult. But as it becomes a habit it becomes easier, and brings you increasing inner peace. It is a decision to forgive instead of to react, and it results in your personal energy field becoming peaceful. Everyone has an energy field, and its natural state is one of loving kindness, but when you are fearful or anxious your field becomes distorted and unstable, and others feel it and adjust their fields accordingly. This occurs mostly below the level of conscious awareness, but as you practice being peaceful you will find your awareness of energy fields strengthens.

When you are peaceful so is your energy field which encourages the energy fields of others to resonate with it, spreading peace like ripples on a pond. Be peaceful, share your peace, cause world peace to occur, and allow the illusion to fade away.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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