We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra, in which each living instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole.

— J. Allen Boone

SaLuSa – 26th May 2010

Never forget the power of thought, it can heal you as an individual or collectively and determine your future. So no matter what appears on the horizon, you can decide how it will manifest in your lives. The coming changes that are going to uplift you will be welcome, but there are also others involving physical changes to the Earth. Depending on where you live they may have little effect if any upon you, and in addition our presence will ensure that they are directed in such a way, to avoid maximum damage. Whatever happens around you, your visualization to introduce a harmonious and balancing energy will help to lessen the effect. Also bear in mind that outside help such as ours is more readily available, when your prayers or supplications are received. For example it is only in recent times, that you have made a powerful call for help from us, and that has given us permission to respond. Without such a plea it would otherwise have been seen as interfering with your freewill.

On Earth you have draconian laws that are often neither fair or justified, and are in fact introduced purely to keep a firm control over everything you do. You are also subject to Universal Law as we are, and unless they are observed even higher powers will intervene. It has happened many times where your civilization is concerned, resulting in meetings and councils to decide the right course of action. Wise souls adjudicate on such occasions and we observe and obey their conclusions. Man tends to be hasty and does not yet consider the effect of his actions upon others. Wars are for example the ways of those who have no understanding of the oneness of All That Is. They not only incur immense karma but set your evolution back very severely. The wanton killing of innocent people as a means to settle your differences is a gross insult to your Creator. You have absolutely no right to take the life of another soul, and the fact that such abominations occur is an indication of how retarded some of you are. However, we are pleased to say that as the Love and Light has spread around the Earth, so the sanctity and preciousness of life is becoming understood.

Realize that as you travel the path to Ascension so you will raise your consciousness, and your whole concept and understanding of life will change. It is only God who can create life as you know it, and Man will never be able to ensoul his own creations. Yes Man can create forms with limited consciousness or hybrids, but it is only a vehicle for a soul to inhabit. Can you see Dear Ones why you cannot “own” another soul, which is a free spirit to experience as it chooses? When two souls decide to procreate, the soul that takes their physical creation has chosen them as its parents. That is indeed a soul to be dearly loved and guided through its childhood, and allowed where possible to follow its preferred life plan. As parents have often found, a soul has a powerful urge to follow its instincts and has definite views as to where its future lies. Be proud of such a soul and know you have been chosen because you have something of value to give each other.

Life is really not as complicated as it may appear, and if you understand Universal Law such as the Law of Attraction you can do much to achieve success. Karma is often repeated because lessons are not learnt, and they will continue to confront you until you do. Be assured it is through this law that you set out your path and if you know how to use it, it will make it a lot easier. Naturally your life plan takes precedence, and your Guides will do all they can to ensure that it is fulfilled. You do not really want to repeat lessons if you can avoid it. So often we hear you ask “why me” when something unpleasant occurs in your life, but think carefully about the lesson it is bringing to you. Also bear in mind that sometimes a soul will incarnate and bear the consequences to simply help another soul. We must therefore inform you again that there is no punishment involved, and God continues to love you unconditionally regardless of what you think.

It is only natural that every soul desires to be loved, and if you first love Self it will be easier to express it where others are concerned. See in yourself and others the godself that you all are, and release all judgement. You will find that life suddenly feels different, and that a peace enters it that knows no equal. Live and let be all that is around you, and bless all those souls sharing your journey with you. You will be an inspiration for them, and they will begin to understand that Man is a sentient Being. Duality has as it were thrown you to the lions, and you have fought to uphold your dignity and right to decide your own future. Hold fast to your beliefs, but be ever aware of the opportunity to take a positive step forward. Let no one force their beliefs onto you, particularly if their way is fear based. The energy of Love is pure and comes to you from the Creator, and is beyond corruption and is all that will remain after the changes have taken place. Think upon this and do your best to follow in the footsteps of your teachers of the Truth.

As you progress nearer to Ascension, you will find that the changes within Self are becoming pronounced. You will know with certainty that you are expanding your consciousness, as would be expected of one who is following the path of Light and Love. This will be your assurance that you are well along the path to Ascension, and that your physical body is becoming crystalline. In fact it is necessary if you are to ascend with your physical body, which would otherwise be unable to exist in the higher vibrations. As you get nearer to the end times, you will get adequate guidance as to what you can do to be ready for a wonderful upliftment. It will of course be just one stage in a continuing process that will see you rising even higher into the realms of Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and when you have closer dealings with the Galactic Federation members you will become more aware of the level that you are moving to. We really are your future selves, and in us you will see all of the qualities that are part of your Higher Self. We so often remind you that you are far more than you realize, and that lack of recognition is the result of thousands of years of servitude that has hidden your true identity. Your status has been demeaned and distorted, through the intent of the Illuminati to keep you in the dark and in ignorance. All that is changing now, and you can begin to express the real you – a loving and peaceful soul.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

© TreeOfTheGoldenLight

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