You are Beautiful in every way.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Each one of you is a treasure to us, so special, so amazing that if you were to witness yourself through our eyes you would be driven to tears. The courage it took each and every one of you to come to this school called earth is hard to describe in human language. For a soul to leave it’s home in heaven, there is commitment, dedication, a sense of adventure, a desire to learn more about love, and a great love of God. Each one of you wants others to see this light within you. Each one of you truly longs to see this light within other souls.

When you find yourself in times of challenge, sit quietly and ask the light of God within you to rise to the surface. Imagine a very great light in your heart, radiating outward in all directions. This light goes beyond your body, out into the universe, reaching out for solutions, touching those of like mind and like heart, seeking helpful individuals, and creating meaningful connections. This light is the truth of your being. Like sonar, this light will touch all those who can assist you and all those whom you can assist. In this light, you will find that you are never alone or without guidance. In this light you will discover that you are all truly one in God’s love. In this space of truth, you will hear your own answers more clearly.

When you don’t know what to do next in your lives dear friends, sit in this space of light radiating from your hearts and allow yourselves to feel God flowing into your heart and radiating outward towards all creation. Think of the solutions you desire, or the help you require and sit quietly for awhile, expectant like children. Allow the light time to work, to reach out, and to connect you with answers. Then get up, breathe deeply and go about your day trusting the help, answers, and connections you need will be made. Wait patiently and allow these to manifest in your physical world.

You are never without help, guidance, love, or direction when you allow yourself to sit in the truth of your being. The tools we share with you dear ones are simple. We are aware of your busy lives. And yet how much more productive it is to sit in this space of love and truth and wait for answers, than to frantically devise your own solutions. God is with you. God flows to you, in you, and through you. In this space, you are never, ever alone.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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