Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.

— Napoleon Hill

Forgiveness is the path that leads to the exit

The worldly worries that engage humanity’s attention are very distracting, and this is unfortunate because you truly need to place your attention on the source of your being. God created you in Love from Love, and you have forgotten this, as you turn your focus away from Love towards insubstantial interests. You are immortal beings — God’s companions — destined to share and cooperate eternally in the glory of creation, and to delight in the wonder of that experience.

It is time to awaken and leave the illusion where you have had far too many heart-rending and terrifying experiences. As you start the awakening process, many spiritual and emotional issues will arise that you need to address and release, so that the peace and the love that surrounds you can be accepted, embraced, and experienced. The issues involved are judgment, blame, and a desire for recompense. But you are perfect spiritual beings and these issues are illusory: you can neither hurt nor be hurt, and to realize that releases those issues and the suffering they cause.

You could only be hurt and suffer if you were inadequate beings (which you are not), and had been so judged and had accepted that judgment. As perfect creations of God, negative judgment of you is meaningless. However, as humans in your illusory environment, it seems to you that you are separated from your loving Father, and therefore you feel yourselves to be without value. This is very painful, and so you have built an insubstantial hierarchy of values from the least to the greatest, through which you attempt to advance. To do this satisfactorily, rules have to be invented and judges appointed, so that all may be judged and placed in their “correct” station.

However, not one of you can ever be satisfied with the ranking ascribed to you, so disagreements and confrontational situations continuously erupt. Because in the illusion, as humans in a severely limited state of consciousness, you are unable to percieve each other clearly, and because in that state you can present yourselves as other than who you truly are, there is massive confusion as you attempt to improve your station at the expense of others. Consequently, there is no room for trust and honesty; your sense of not being good enough intensifies, and you try even harder to advance yourselves relative to others. Obviously, this a lose-lose situation, and yet you persist. Your judgments become increasingly extreme and your suffering increases!

All you need to do is stop judging yourselves, and others, and to accept one another as you are. Initially, because the illusion seems very real, it means accepting yourselves in your collective inadequacy, without judgment — the great separator — and listening with compassion to each other’s experiences of pain. If you are accused, do not defend yourselves. Just listen — knowing that you too will be heard. Then it will become apparent to you that in your pain you have also been defending yourselves or attacking others, causing more pain; so the way forward is to cease this behavior. As you see how similar your sufferings have been, your compassion grows and you learn to forgive — yourselves for your harsh judgments, and others for their reactions.

Forgiveness is the path that leads to the exit. The illusory reality is crumbling, as more and more of you set out on the path of forgiveness. Those already on the path find it far straighter and smoother than they had hoped, and they are encouraging and pursuading others to join them there. The way out is clearly visible because it is bathed in a most glorious light — and not one of you will miss it! As the last one exits, the illusion will disintegrate behind him; but no one will notice because there will be no one there to see it.

With so very much love, Saul

© JohnSmallman

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