If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.

— Maya Angelou

CM addresses all of us “almost Creator Sons.”

By CM thru Peter
May 21, 2010 – 8:34:11 AM

(translated from german – original is at the end)

Beloveds, this is Michael, your Father and Brother. One day rest, and the world looks quite different again. Even a Creator Son like me can be exhausted [“exhausted” in the original german is kind of a game of words, meaning something like “over-creating”-Peter], if just for a moment until the actual events need my total attention again.

This update is directed towards you, beloveds, towards you, who are nearly in the role of a Creator Son yourselves, compared to your possibilities and abilities. You carry, so to speak, nearly as much responsibility over this ascension process as do I. And so you feel the exhaustion laying like a rock on your chests, hindering your breathing.

Well, this is according to my plan, and you are a great part of this divine plan, as you are here, mortals amongst mortals. Beloveds, I thought about your stance to the speed of unfolding events; what Kibo is writing, many of you think and feel, my precious ones, and I know that what will follow you will not want to hear.

It was you, who wanted to be here. You even asked me to let you go. You wanted to achieve your part in the ascension with mother earth, and it was you, who knew that it would not be a walk in the park – after all, many of you spent countless lives on this planet, and should be aware of the predominant unfavorable circumstances here.

Did you forget all of this? Yes, you did, as this is and has been always the case when a soul incarnates in a mortal body, and so it is not only natural to not remember, but also necessary for the experience and eventually for the crucial step, which has to be made out of free will.

Beloveds, you have to live as you would be alone, as there would be no me. So, Kibo, where is the room for proof here, since if I exist or not, does not really matter for you here on earth. YOU ARE HERE, AND SO YOU ARE HERE.

Adapt yourselves to do this all alone. When you stood before me, asking me to let you go to Urantia, do you really believe you would have humiliated yourselves that much, as to know that one day you would not be able to sort things out without our help? You would have looked at me contemptuously, and you would have said: what, are you crazy, that is why we are going there, to fulfill your work and to make sure, that you are released to be a comfortable seated observer, being present as your beloved planet ascends, renewed by your own children.

Your suffering, dear ones, is the program. There were many mistakes to be done, and you did them all. You all are Agondonters, but you are the last of their kind, and you will free yourselves from this situation. Agondonters are often described as mortals which believe in God, without having proof for His existence. Well, how could this be possible since God is in everything and everybody? There is enough proof, look around, no, the nature of Agondonters is to free themselves of their own limitation, without God’s help, out of your own power and own faith, that is why only the strongest souls can be Agondonters.

Did you hear this, children, only the strongest souls are incarnated here, only the strongest can master a task like this, and only the strongest want to master it without help – do you find yourselves in this? How do you think you would have reacted, if I would have told you: don’t you worry, for whenever you get stuck, I will intervene, to clear your path so it is without wrong tracks and detours. I will always give you what you need to make your lives as comfortable as possible?

Believe me, that is what I said. But it was you, giving me to understand that I should better drop it, that you would not be babies who need Daddy’s protection, just let us do, you said, and let us pleasantly surprise you, beloved father. This is our present to you, we will forget you to remember you with our own power.

Truly, only the strongest of the souls are able for such devotion, and you made me proud to be your father. You wanted to be born on Urantia, like me, you wanted to live with mortals, like me, with all the mortal duties and mortal troubles, and you wanted to leave this planet with the indelible knowing to go back to your father, like me.

To invest oneself into the spiritual path does not mean to not invest yourselves into the worldly life as well. There is nothing unholy about that. There is a saying: look up to the stars but keep your feet on the ground. Believe me when I say, that it is not in your nature to stare transfigured up to heaven, while continuously stepping into dog-poop. Now you stand in the dirt, up to your armpits, and you will have to cleanse yourselves before you enter the temple.

You might want to say, We didn’t know that it would be as terrible, but do not forget, only the strongest souls got my permission to go, and the strongest will be challenged strongly, it is the strongest, who delve the deepest into anything, it is the strongest who devote themselves completely, and it is the strongest, who have the strongest faith. But how could one earn this than through the biggest and seemingly most insoluble problems.

You are the strongest, and you would be offended if I would handle you especially delicately, and so you asked me not to intervene. Then: we say that we don’t need help, because we know deep in our hearts that eventually we will get help – is a human way of thinking which does not exist in heaven. Self-deception is only possible here, not on the other side.

Can you slowly grasp what is to be done, after I told you everything here? You are the ascension, you are the ones who had to go that deep into separation to integrate yourselves again. Solve et coagula, the one is mutually dependent on the other, without solution there is no bonding, without bonding no solution, without hate there is no love, and without darkness there is no light. This is how a 3rd dimensional world of duality is constructed.

Duality in an advanced state shows it’s ugly face on purpose – to enable the observer to overcome it. The sentence: help yourself and therefore God will help you, is not entirely correct, it should be: help yourself and therefore you help God.

Agondonters, my dear friends, are the closest to God, they are an experiment which could not have been more successful, because in a 3D world there cannot be faith without doubt. You just have to take this last hurdle, to accept yourselves in your failure, to love yourselves for it. Accepting one’s own failure is the highest a mortal can place before me – and I will accept this gift as no other.

Now I ask you once more: find yourselves again. Not in me, find yourselves in yourself and find yourselves in the others, as you are the others. Thank your brothers for they offered to go so deep into the dark – did you want to do this? Thank them and honor them, without them there would be nothing to overcome, and you could never find out if I am or not.

Oh my jewels, the darkest hour is before dawn, the biggest chaos gives birth to calmness, problems only appear insoluble shortly before their solution. If you would want to throw in the towel and give up – well, so be it; if you would want to go on – well so be it then. But nothing will change the mechanisms of life, hunger does not fill your stomach and being homesick does not bring you home, a map shows the path but you still have to walk it yourselves.

Agondonters overcome their doubts in absence of visible proof, and that is how they prepare the path of this planet. You will be crowning the columns in the halls of the coming universities, each column standing for a truth being understood out of itself. This is the foundation of the temple, the steps to the kingdom. Remember, I myself placed the cornerstones, and now you are erecting the columns, and the heavens are the roof.

It is nearly done. Christ Michael

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