Creator’s perfection without contention…
You are the light of the world!

Your life can be joyful, even in the illusion.

To worry about the future and to try to prevent personal disasters and catastrophes from occurring is very human. And while you spend inordinate amounts of time in this kind of thinking — or the (apparent) opposite: planning and dreaming up ideas to make you securely rich — life is passing you by, unnoticed and unappreciated. It really is very strange, don’t you think, to spend so much time attempting to avoid the life you so carefully thought out and planned so meticulously before incarnating as a human?

The life path you planned will occur, but it remains your choice whether to live it unthinkingly and let it go by unnoticed, or, conversely, to be aware and accepting, learning the lessons with which it presents you. The latter choice means it will flow more smoothly and you will deal far more effectively with the curve balls it seems to throw you from time to time. Whereas the former choice will have you either fighting life and the unfair situations it appears to place you in against your will, or else taking on the role of helpless victim, as it seems to you that fatehas singled you out for pain and suffering.

Your life can be joyful, even in the illusion, as many of you have discovered. To make it so demands your awareness. Pay attention to the events that pass through your life, seemingly without any effort or intent on your part, however inconsequential they appear to be. Nothing that you experience is meaningless, it just appears that way when you let it pass by without noticing. You influence everything you experience whether you are conscious of it or not.

Life is a wonderful gift, and it is eternal — because you are immortal. What God gives He gives forever. The fact that you appear to dwell in an illusory environment where pain, suffering, disasters, and catastrophes are frequent occurrences does not make it real. Your task is to awaken into awareness and leave the illusion to disintegrate, turn to dust, and blow away in the wind to the nothingness from which it came. And this you will achieve, because it is your Father’s Will and yours that you live in joy.

While you continue to “experience” life in the illusion, you are becoming aware that the experience would be greatly improved if all were properly fed, clothed, sheltered, and could live without fear of being attacked by others. This improvement in living conditions is possible and will happen, and every human will play their part in bringing it about. Many have already started work to achieve this noble and loving aim, by living in peace with themselves, by refraining from judging themselves or others, and by setting the intent many times throughout the day to offer only unconditional love in every moment.

This becomes easier as you begin to realize that those who attack, judge, blame, or defend are operating from a sense of abandonment and fear, and are truly crying out to be loved and accepted. The knowledge that they are always unconditionally loved and accepted by God is too deeply buried for them to access without help. By offering unconditional love in every situation, you provide enormous assistance to these ones who need to unearth that deeply buried knowledge which will bring them untold relief and hope. It will enable them to start down the path of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness which lies at the heart of all healing and joy.

You all have that exhilarating knowledge deep within you, and it is a beacon in the darkness of the illusion which is inextinguishable. Help yourselves to uncover it by accepting one another unconditionally and without judgment. Then the eternal joy that is your birthright will blow away the dusty illusion as you awaken into the brilliant light of your Father’s Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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