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SaLuSa – 19th May 2010

Wherever you look on the Internet for channelled messages, with few exceptions you will find they are very similar in emphasising the important time you are in. There are consistent reminders to focus on your future, and assurances that the end time of duality is almost upon you. Whether or not they differ in detail, the fact remains that their followers will move on and experience beneficial changes. Many paths lead to fulfilment, and every effort is being made to awaken as many souls as possible of their opportunity to ascend. You have to believe that the emphasis is confirmation of how critical this period is for you.

Moving into the higher dimensions is the most natural step you could take, as you are great Beings already awakening from your self imposed sleep that has been necessary for you to fully experience duality. Your time is all but finished in this current cycle and it only remains for you to acknowledge your real Self, as one who has all the potential to become a god. If it sounds an impossible idea realise that you were already god sparks, when you first elected to move into the lower dimensions from the realms of Light.

You could truly say that no expense is spared to awaken you to the truth. All of those supporting you on your journey are Higher Beings, serving you out of sheer love and seek no reward or even acknowledgement for their work. When you reach a certain expanded level of consciousness it is pure joy to serve others, and if there is a reward it lies in the satisfaction of helping souls on their journey.

On Earth you have largely lost touch with your Higher Self, but when you again make that link you will understand your true potential. Over many lives you have built up an ego that has been your guide, but it has been based on Self and your own needs almost exclusively. Your challenge has been to open your consciousness levels to the Oneness of everything, and the immutable link it has with you. As part of the One you are learning that whatever you do affects all else, and that you have a responsibility to bring yourself into harmony and alignment with all life. When sufficient of you can do so you are instrumental in lifting up each other. Your higher energies also help increase the power of the Light grids around Earth, and that is another way in which you can serve.

As you can clearly understand, you are all in here to learn through your experiences and nothing comes your way by pure chance. Life plans are agreed before you come into your earth body, and your Guides will do everything in their power to ensure you complete your incarnation successfully. Of course freewill is still your right, but would you really put your progress back if you knew how important it was to your future? Naturally your plans are intertwined with other souls, and together you play out your roles to help each other move forward. In such circumstances you may conclude that no one person is responsible for their experiences, and correctly that it is a collective enactment by you all. Can you therefore see why spiritual advice is so emphatic that you should not stand in judgement of others? It is true that Mans laws do exactly the opposite, but at your present level of experience in duality, it is understood that people have to protect themselves in this way.

When you return to Spirit your “deeds” are viewed differently and it is your input that is vital to your experience, although you will understand the reasons behind the actions of other souls. You complicate life through your egotistical demands upon others, and this is often the cause of differences between you. No one is greater or lesser than another in the eyes of God, but it is asking a lot of you to reach this level of understanding now. However, if you can only begin to accept this truth and take a kinder view of other souls regardless of their outer appearance and actions, you will contribute to the changes that will lift everyone up. It is seeing other people in a different “Light” that awakens you to the great play that is taking place on Earth. Remember that you have most likely had hundreds of lives in all manner of roles and situations. These have been carefully planned to give you suitable experiences that will advance your evolution. There is no experience that is truly a random event, and certainly each one is an important step on your path.

Sit down sometimes and relax into a meditative state, and allow your mind to speculate on possible previous lives, and more likely you will get a strong impression of one that is relative to your present life. You may get actual flashes of memory, and for a moment you are back in the past. Some, who are experienced in this way, can also leave their bodies and become observers of a previous life. You have a natural curiosity where your past is concerned, but it is generally hidden so that you are not distracted from your present life. Dear Ones, can you imagine the amount of planning that goes into each of your lives, and isn’t it something of a miracle that you intermingle and yet all play out your roles successfully? The more you can accept life in this way, we feel the easier you will be able stand aside from all of the turmoil and chaos, knowing that it is all a passing phase.

We know that so many of you are tired of the old ways, and the degree of pressure you suffer simply to survive. It is therefore nice for us to be able to inform you that such experiences are coming to a close. The help we are offering you is needed more urgently as so many problems pile up. The Gulf of Mexico oil leak is proving to be a monumental disaster, and is just one pressing problem that is environmentally threatening. Weather changes are becoming another annual problem, and the food chain is suffering as a result. Financial changes are necessary to overcome the possibility of a large scale collapse, and in all of these cases we can give you guidance to help find the solutions.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation is geared to provide you with all the help you need, and not just for the problems we have referred to. There is a long standing plan to restore you and the Earth in preparation for Ascension. We await our official acceptance and invitation to meet you, and it really cannot be put off much longer as we all need to get started.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

© TreeOfTheGoldenLight

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