Out there in the snow, Or here in the sun: In Form or In Spirit, We Are All One!
Infinite vibrant waves of peace and love to my equally, if not, more special angel of the east! ♥ Always

— Marcelle

Everything you think, say, and do affects many others…

When life throws you a curved ball, embrace it! Nothing in your life happens by chance; every event you experience has been planned and has a purpose. However, while you remain immersed in the illusion, it is very difficult for you to perceive this, let alone understand what it is trying to show you. This is OK!

You planned your life paths very carefully prior to incarnating to provide you with the lessons you chose to learn, knowing that when they occurred you would not understand them. Within your limited state of human consciousness, understanding of that order is impossible because the lives of all humans affect each other in myriad incomprehensible ways.

Apart from the fact that you can never be alone — because God and your spiritual support team are always with you — you also incarnated as part of a group whose purpose is to help one another achieve their spiritual aims and goals. This is an energy network to which you each belong, and even though you may never physically meet or come in contact with a very large number of those in your group, the way you live, the beliefs you hold, the activities in which you engage, and the attitudes that you demonstrate affect all of you.

If you had knowledge of that it would be impossible for you to follow your chosen path because you would be constantly concerned about your standing and your affect on your group. Your paths are all perfectly planned so that the necessary interactions will occur at exactly the right moment, allowing you total freedom to choose an appropriate response in the moment, as it occurs. Depending on your stage of spiritual growth, and the needs of the others in the group, a selection of options from which to choose your response will occur to you, and whichever one you use will enable all of you to make progress in your human learning process.

Remember that everything you think, say, and do affects many others apart from yourself, and for the most part you will get minimal feedback or awareness of the real effect that you have had in any situation.

Egos may clash, or agree, but their influence in the greater scheme of your incarnational group is tiny, because ego-driven or ego-guided activities and responses just distract you from your true life purpose. They bog you down in an emotional swamp, where you find yourselves apparently needing to attack others or defend yourselves from the attacks of others, and in which judgment, blame, and condemnation of others’ wrong views and behaviors must be encouraged and promoted — to bring peace!

You only have to observe how this egoic behavior divides and separates people into warring factions in your illusory reality to understand what a waste of time and energy it is. Love, acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness will lead you forward on your spiritual path, whereas egoic behavior just anchors you in the emotional swamp until you decide to let go, pull up your anchor, and move forward again. Waiting for others to make the first loving move does not work in an environment where all feel threatened and are on the defensive. So weigh your own anchor, move forward with loving kindness, and be one of the wayshowers to full consciousness — your divine destination.

With so very much love, Saul.

© John Smallman

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