When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars.

Montague Keen – 16th May 2010

“We will be remembered not for our Victories or Defeats in Battle or in Politics but for our Contribution to the Human Spirit.” –
John F. Kennedy (Assassinated President of the United States)

As your World slowly wakes up to the reality of what is happening right in front of you without any of you ever noticing or questioning it, remember that we in Spirit are here to guide you. Also there are Beings of Light who await your call for help, they have plans to rescue Mankind from the hands of those whose plans for your World would horrify you if you took the time to research their plans. Every Country has people who are awake to this and who will provide you with the evidence you need to enlighten you.

The Corrupt have triumphed while you filled your minds with trivia. You are but puppets in their great scheme. You have forfeited your freedom of thought, of expression, of speech and movement, you have been conned by those in Control and lulled into a very false sense of security. You watch TV and Films that are designed to Brainwash you into believing that you have enemies out there who are planning to attack you and yours. You are taught to hate those of other Religions, other Race, to be suspicious and on guard, forever vigilant. Where is LOVE in all this,? You are bombarded by advice on who to fear and what to fear, look closely at those who peddle fear…. what are they are hiding what are they doing while you are busy protecting yourself from your so-called enemies, they are planning to take over your World. Right now under your noses they are planning another War, the shedding of blood is necessary to them. Recently they went to Ireland to have a meeting, they were told in no uncertain terms that they were NOT WELCOME and that their plans would not succeed. We bless those who speak out and stand up for Truth.. Truth and Truth alone will set you free.

As your World speeds towards a New Dawn, rest assured that the World of Spirit will reveal itself and connect with the Earth in a way never before possible. The timing for this is now, we prepare for this in Spirit as you prepare on Earth. The Universe will open up to you, information on how to feed the hungry, famine is man-made, it is a crime against Humanity. The Dark Side try to force G M crops on your World, they already control the Banks, they want to control your food supply, they see themselves as God with control over all. You must resist GM food no matter how they try to sell the advantages of this method of growing crops. I know this, I had a farm and lectured on Agriculture for many years, it was a subject close to my heart. When our Foundation is fully operational, Spirit will viably guide and advise Mankind on how life should be lived with all men equal, never again will man exploit other Countries, remove their minerals and exploit the people. There is no room for the corrupt, they will not survive in the New Energy. As they now roam the World looking for a safe haven, they are being refused, they are not welcome, money cannot buy them what they seek. Remember many times hearing that ” The meek shall inherit the Earth.”, soon you will witness this. Corruption and Greed will be a thing of the past, not only will all the people of the World come together as one but visiting other Planets will be open to all, the Universe and how it functions will be understood, this is how it was meant to be.

I am able to show you how all this will come about, yes it is like watching TV with your eyes closed. A lot of what I have shown you, you now have the evidence for and understand just how things will work out. It is easier for me to create the picture than to use words to describe what our plans are. We are as one you and I, I am on this side of Life working towards our goal, completing the work while you are completing it on the Earth side. Sadly my dear, you have to endure the attacks of the corrupt, the evil ones who will soon be forced to see the error of their ways.

It is heartening to us in Spirit as it is to you my love to see all those emails from all over your World from those who are on the right path and who are looking forward to living in the Light. Sadly it is not possibly for you to reply to all of them individually and to do everything else as well. May I join with you in thanking those who made contact, we in Spirit are happy to welcome them into the Light. One day they will see for themselves just how important their contribution is to us.

Pray, I ask all of you pray for an easy transition into the Light, your World will be at ease once more and living in Peace. The corrupt have caused much damage to the Earth, it is a living Planet, it will recover. The work that all of you do to bring this about is very much appreciated. The man-made problems such as Poverty, Illness, Famine and Suffering of all sorts will no longer have a place in your World, look to the future with confidence.

My dear, we have to deal with many subjects that cause you distress but to remove them, first you have to face them. Everything has speeded up, be prepared, the corrupt will not succeed but they will not give up without a fight. 2010 will see al lot of changes, many have forecast this. So much will come to light, the timing is right.

Take care my love, try to get some rest, know that I am always at your side, a very proud Husband as always. Your adoring Husband, Monty.

© The Montague Keen Foundation

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