I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.

— Kahlil Gibran

Human suffering has become a popular spectator sport

As promised, God’s plan is proceeding perfectly. His desire and intent is for you to release yourselves from the illusion that brings you so much sadness and discomfort, so that you can awaken into His Reality of peace and wonder that is your home and your destiny.

In order to awaken into this stunning Reality, it is necessary for you to relax and soften the focus you maintain on the illusion. Focusing there brings to your attention, with an intensity that strengthens continuously while you focus there, all the problems, the pain, and the suffering with which your imaginations have filled it. Watching trauma, disaster, and catastrophe unfolding is an addictive behavior with which humanity has become obsessed. You feel threatened and unsafe, and these themes are played out and built upon with enormous enthusiasm by your media, your movie-makers, and storytellers. You dare not miss a newscast, an episode of your favorite soap, or the latest movie or novel for fear of. . . what? Missing the exciting opportunity to watch the unfolding of yet more human suffering?

In the illusion your human suffering is a means of drawing attention to yourselves, and it has become an unbelievably popular spectator sport. No wonder you are unable to hear your guides responding to your prayers and requests when your heads are constantly filled with the noise of an overabundance of extremely dramatic stories.

Remember . . . what you believe you create, and what you belive you demonstrate and teach. The way out of this closed-loop cycle of pain, anxiety, and fear is to cease paying it so much attention, unless you are actively and lovingly involved, totally without judgment, in helping those who are suffering. Otherwise, make your life an activity of compassion and loving kindness, while you accept without judgment each situation as it occurs and develops in your life.

The power of loving kindness, positively lived, in every moment of your lives, would astound you if you could see the effects it has as it flows out from you, touching all with whom you interact. You tend to focus on attack and defense, expecting their presence in every interaction — driving your car, in line at the supermarket, as you interact with family and friends — and consequently you keep yourselves in a state of high alert to enable you to cope instantly with the next threat, wherever it may come from.

With so many of you living permanently in states of high alert is it really surprising that you find yourselves so often in conflict? The energies you each project, although for the most part invisible, have enormous effects on those around you. Peace attracts peace, tension attracts tension, and because far more of you live with the latter rather than the former as your constant companion, conflict is inevitable.

But you can change all this by practicing peace and loving kindness in your daily living until it becomes your natural state, and then you will find it being constantly reflected back to you by those with whom you interact, encouraging you to continue with this most rewarding practice. This is the way to change yourselves, to change the world, and to release the illusion! Many of you are doing this very effectively already, and your numbers are swelling. All is truly on course and on schedule for a most grand awakening.

Your Father’s Love is melding constantly with your own, and this abundance of merging and mingling love is achieving its divine purpose which is to awaken you into the astounding knowledge of who you truly are and of how magnificently loved and honored you are, always — because you are all the perfect creations of God.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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