What is meant to be, will always find its way back into our lives.

You are all immortal beings of stunning beauty

Humanity is approaching the most momentous event in its entire history — an event that has been planned with infinite wisdom and love. You are all the chosen children of God, and the destiny of each one of you is to awaken into the awesome magnificence of His divine Presence, your eternal home.

It seems to you that you are each individual, independent beings, but this is not so because the only form of existence is as one with your divine Father. Outside of Him there is nothing, not even empty space, because He is All That Exists. His Love for you is boundless and eternal, and therefore you are all immortal beings of stunning beauty. That is how you were created and that is how you always are.

The illusion or nightmare in which it seems that you have your existence is a fantasy of your own making. What God creates is a state of infinite perfection, beauty, and harmony in which all exist in eternal divine contentment — no other state is possible. Your experiences of pain, suffering, fear, and opelessness are truly illusory states that you make afresh in every moment in which you experience them.

You are not trapped or contained within your illusion, but you are besotted with it and distracted from Reality by the seductive contents with which your communal imagination has filled it, particularly the human forms with which you have chosen to identify yourselves. It seems very real to you as the events, sensations, and emotions that your bodies experience can be extremely intense, even though they do not last. Nothing in the illusory reality lasts because it contains only illusions — wraiths that will dissolve instantly on contact with Reality, your eternal waking state.

To maintain the structure of the illusion requires vast amounts of energy because, not existing, its natural state is to dissolve into less than nothingness. Its energy demands are the cause of your bodies’ rapid growth, decline, and decay, because the energy the illusion requires for its survival just burns them up. Your scientists have discovered that the universe is indeed in a state of terminal decay. When you are all ready to release it by awakening into the divine Presence of your eternal Father it will disintegrate, and all the pain, fear, and suffering it contains will disintegrate with it. Whereupon, you will find yourselves in that state of glorious euphoria for which you have been searching in vain for so long.

Your divine state, in oneness and harmony with God, cannot be denied to you because it is His Will and yours that you share it in perfect joy with Him for all eternity. And so you will, because only that state exists, and your arrival there has been lovingly prepared to delight you with the most magnificent celebrations for your triumphant return.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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