The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understand you; it is when you don’t understand yourself.

— Unknown

To release yourselves from the illusion is your holy task.

God loves humanity unconditionally and eternally. He would never condemn, punish, hurt or destroy even one of you, because you are His beloved children. He wants you to be fully conscious so that you may enjoy your eternal divine state of Oneness with Him; He does not want you hiding from Him in the dream state of fear, pain, and suffering that you have made for yourselves. That unhappy state in which it appears to you that you have your existence does not exist and could not exist, because if it did God too would be suffering as you are because all are One with Him. But He is perfect Love which envelops all in divine peace, harmony, and the exhilaratingly joyful acceptance of the Oneness that contains you all — Reality — God.

To release yourselves from the illusion is your holy task, and it is inevitable that you will succeed. Deep within each one of you burns the inextinguishable divine flame that your Father placed there, which contains all knowledge and connects you permanently to Him. You have attempted to hide it by covering it over with the debris of fear, anger, hate, and despair. However, since the moment of your apparent separation from Him you have also, in a rather desultory and ineffectual fashion, been trying to remove the debris and uncover that eternal flame. Nevertheless, your illusory reality has been very successful in distracting you from this task with its unattractive seductions, and it continues in its attempts to persuade you to replace all that depressing debris (with yet more debris) and keep the flame hidden. As you can see, your motives and intentions in the illusion are very conflicted, and so you are very confused.

But the divine flame is always with you; it cannot be removed or remain hidden indefinitely, and it will lead you safely out of the illusion and back home to your Father, because its eternal purpose is to maintain your connection to Him. No matter what you do, or do not do, that divine connection can be neither lost nor broken. God created it to keep you in safety and ensure that you could not be lost or get separated from Him; and through it His Love — the life force — flows to you continuously maintaining your immortal self.

You are required to provide only a very small amount of energy in order to awaken from the nightmare, which is simply your acceptance of your Father’s Love. Once you give that acceptance His Love will fill you with His immense power and strength. Enabled by this you will once more recognize who you truly are — a being of shining perfection and beauty — and it will be inconceivable to you that you could have remained for so long unaware of your own magnificence.

God has been calling you, and also sending messengers and teachers to call you since the moment your apparent separation from Him occurred. Yet you have refused to hear, feeling unworthy of His Love, and choosing to experience the misery and suffering that separation from Him delivered. The more you suffered the more separate and alone you felt. You identified yourselves with human bodies, which are just part of the illusion, and they made you feel small, insignificant, indeed practically worthless when compared with what you saw outside yourselves with your bodies’ eyes. What a false perception they provide: you, small and insignificant, struggling for survival in a vast and hostile world. What a relief it is for you to know it is really only a very unpleasant dream that you are experiencing, and from which you will shortly awaken.

You were created perfect out of infinite unconditional Love, and that state of existence is permanent, unchangeable. Your return to awareness of that state and to the experience of it can be neither delayed nor prevented. It is guaranteed — so release the fears and judgments, the anxieties and grudges that are presently hiding the flame and blocking your awareness of who you are and preventing you from awakening. Accept the divine Love that is continuously offered to you, and know once more your infinite perfect Self.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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