Your life is not lamentable. There is nothing to lament.
I am with you, and you are with Me,
and together We traverse the sunshine.

— God

Psionics (or Psychic Power)

Everything, when considered on the most basic of levels, is nothing more than a specific arrangement of electrons, protons and neutrons. Therefore everything can be affected by a change of electrical charge or an increase or decrease of electrons. Such as static electricity causing your hair to stand on ends.

All animal and human thought processes are nothing more than electrical impulses and stimulation within the brain. Brains control the body via the nervous system. The brain sends electrical impulses along the nervous system, which in turn stimulate particular areas of the body for a specific effect. Such as the contracting or relaxing of muscles.

Now, assume that a brain can affect something directly without first having to go through the rest of the nervous system. Why should this not be? Could it not be possible that a brain can send an electrical impulse through the air as it would through the nervous system. Remember, everything is made of electrons, protons and neutrons – even air.

This is the basis of psionics, the ability to effect a change within physical reality without direct physical contact in the traditional sense. Psionicists or psychics can directly affect their surrounding physical enviroment or even the thoughts of others by simple manipulation of the electrical energies and charges of any intervening molecules and atoms.


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