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ASHTAR SHERAN & Intergalactic Fleet ~ We Are Light in Action

Channeling of the Group

We are Light in Action -Ashtar Sheran and Intergalactic Fleet

Greetings in the four quadrants of the Divine Universe which takes place in and out of each one of you. I come to explain about the energetic changes.

Dear Brothers,

I come here tonight to enlighten you about the dizziness and the changes of energy that Lightworkers are experiencing. Do not be fret. Do not be afraid. This is a energy shift that is occurring inside and outside of you.

Mother Gaia has been going through such change since 1950 and is now more evident. Never fear when you feel your energetic bodies different,this is the change that is qualifying in your personal coefficient of light climbing a step in your vibration, do not fear when you feel your energy bodies different.

You need to vibrate higher so you can capture the opening of the portal that connects this earth of 3D to one earth of 4D or 5D. Going to the 5D will depend only on the vibrational quality of each brother. Therefore, we ask you to do the decrees, that you concentrated in the Light.

The change will not be easy, but the Father / Mother is supporting each one of you.

As for your visions, do not worry about,when you receive always send Violet Flame. You have the power to easy, to allay the natural disasters. Many who are incarnated on earth today chose to pass sharp and painful and others like you not, so focus , do the decrees to and trust.

Do not doubt, because doubt hinders and condenses the energy of low vibration. Do not open holes for the negative influences, but do not forget to see the truth.

I am Adonai Ashtar Sheran and I leave you in peace and love of the Father/Mother.

Peace be with us now. Just for today we are in Peace and Light.

Trust seeds of stars of Light, for thou you are Light in Action,do not fear children , Daughters of Light, because this is the time to leave behind the fear. He was never a part of you. He is going away and you are back to waking up to the Light.

Trust, fear not, because the truth is everywhere.

There is no end but the beginning. Rebirth. This year is a preparation for 2012.

You now this year will increase your coefficient of Light , what happens is that you still do not feel ready to shine, but this is the time.

Many will have to wake up to Light. Trust. Leave the fear will be something natural. Trust in you.

This is the year of huge changes inside and out. For you to support the new frequency of Light, you have to begin this year, the change of rotation of your chakras .

TRUST. Never fear. When you feel weak remember who you are.

You are feeling the symptoms of the ascencion, what will change is the regaining of faith in you. Trust, ask and receive.

You are the Light, Children of Light. We love you Children of Light. We are here with you. Connect with your mentor or angels as you wish. He is now with you with their hands over your heads. Close your eyes and see your Friend of Light. He is there with you. We have never been so close to you.

This dizziness has to do with our approximation of the electromagnetic field of the earth. We are thousands of brothers. A Brotherhood of Light.

Intergalactic Fleet.

Channeling of the Group We are Light in Action.

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