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Stand In Your Courage And Strength

Message From Archangel Michael, May 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

“Stand In Your Courage And Strength”

Dear Ones,

We have given you many tools to assist you as you move through the ascension process. Each exercise, each tool has a specific purpose and will bring an aspect of you into balance and harmony. When you use these exercises and tools in combination and with all the tools that we are giving to you, you will find that you begin to come into balance and harmony within every aspect of your Self. This is a process, Dear Ones, that does not happen overnight. It has taken longer than any of you can imagine, for you to have taken on the density of the third dimension and you cannot expect to return to the higher aspects of your Divine Self overnight. This moment in time is but a cosmic moment and within the concepts of the higher dimensions, you are returning to balance and harmony “in the blink of an eye”. It is only in the third and fourth dimensional frequencies, that it appears to be a process that is slow and quite painful for many of you.

We ask you to stand in your courage and your strength. These higher aspects of your Self which will help you follow through; these strong character traits will help you “get the job done”. The time is at hand. This is not a time for the faint of heart; it is a time for each one of you to stand in your personal power, to achieve the merge with your God Self that you have been longing for since your fall into the third dimension. It is only an illusion, Dear Ones. It is the veil of forgetfulness and the game that you have played through this great and grand experiment, which has allowed you to believe that you are anything other than the God Self. There is only One and It is God. You are God. All are God. Creation is God. It is the All That Is, and It is God.

Go the distance, in your truth and integrity. As you lift yourselves up, you will be assisted as never before. The Divine Dispensations are being given freely and with great Love, to those who are willing to do the work that is needed to release and by pass the distortions of the third and fourth dimensions. These gifts are of such magnitude and Divine Love, given with great compassion and blessings, to assist you in your return to balance and harmony. Only you, each one of you, may take these blessed gifts and turn them into the love, the joy, the peace, and harmony, the beauty and the abundance, that you so desire to return to your lives. We cannot do it for you. We can surround you in love and joy, we can reach out our hands, and we can lift you up as you soar, but you must take the first step. You must begin, and then after you begin, you must continue, with strength and courage. You will have our help and the help of the company of heavens, the moment you take that first step. We will be there to lift you up with our wings, as you begin your journey home.

There are many of you who are beginning your journey home and we are here to guide and assist you, so you may follow those who have led the way, the way showers, in ease and grace. These brave ones have blazed a trail of shining light, through a forest of density, pain and suffering. These brave ones have lighted the pathway for those now stepping on the path, as you brave ones, who now begin your journey, will light the way for those coming behind you.

It is a grand and joyous process, Dear Ones, as we ask you once again, to live in the Now Moment of Creation. This Now Moment is the only moment in which you have the power to create. It is your ego which draws you into the pain and suffering of the third dimension, and it is the God within you which returns you to the Now Moment, the Still Point of Creation. Your greatest desires of your God Self can only be manifested in pure form and for the highest good of all Creation, when you create in the Now Moment, in the Love of your Sacred Heart. Your creations based on ego desires will only bring you more pain and suffering, as these creations will only be imperfect, and bring with them, lessons for you to learn and wisdom to be gained through the learning of the lesson. Side step this process in ease and grace, Dear Ones. You no longer need to experience pain and suffering. Release it, into the light and transform it, transmute it with the violet flame. Stay in the Now Moment, in Love, and watch the miracles occur, as you flow in the River of Life, as you flow in the Love of Creation. The Adamantine Particles will flow freely, as you create only that which serves your highest good and the highest good of all Creation. It is the law, Dear Ones. We may give you many Divine Dispensations, yet you must still follow Cosmic Law, as you bring your Self into balance and harmony.

The miracles are flowing freely for those willing to take the mantle of light that is being offered to them. We ask each of you to be one of these brave ones. Courage and strength will assist you to move forward with ease and grace. Dedication, determination, vigilance and your willingness to return to the sanctum of your Sacred Heart will bring you to the heights of the path back to the One. We will be with you, each step of the way, lifting you up with our wings, as your soar into the New Age, this golden cosmic moment of eternity.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

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All my love,


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