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Life Transforming Affirmations: Don’t Quit – Miracles Do Happen By

Within our hearts is the child that longs for Alladin’s lamp, wherefrom the genie will pop out and grant us our every wish.

If we would only care to take a deeper look within ourselves, we might just find Alladin’s lamp after all. Of course, the fulfillment of our wishes may not be as rapid as the twinkling of our eyes, but we may well be our own genie.

Miracles happen if only we let them. The entire manifestation of existence is one big miracle. The flower, the ocean, the fact that you read this are all simple manifestations of His one eternal miracle.

History has witnessed several rags-to-riches stories. It has seen the rise of D H Lawrence – the British author of Sons and Lovers and other famous novels, who was the son of a coal miner.

It has been witness to the marvels of Graham Bell who contracted tuberculosis at the age of 23, not to forget the imagination and ingenuity of the Wright brothers who were laughed at by all. These people and countless other made a quantum leap in their lives.

The big break

However, the ‘big-break’ often consisted of a steady focus on a particular thing and hard work. All the great people were not so great when they commenced the journey of their lives in this incarnation. But they never let go of the vision and pursued it with all their heart and all of their soul. This is true of not just those who make it big, but also of those who have regained dignity of their lives after major setbacks and troubles.

Shakti Gwain, author of Living in the Light talks of a friend of hers who had three children, no education and who was living on welfare. She wanted to be in business, as she felt from within that she had the ability to handle money.

Self-confidence is all you need

Although she did not know how to go about it, she initially started exploring the financial district of San Francisco, where she obtained a receptionist’s job. From that simple but responsible position she slowly rose in her position to be an administrative assistant and thereafter continued to move upwards to a still better position of skill and responsibility.

Dr Caroline Myss, who teaches intuitive diagnosis in the field of energy medicine, had a woman called Kate as her client. She too was a widow with children to support, and had developed a growth in her ovarian region. She had developed a defeatist attitude as she lacked the skills and training for professional work. In order to recover from these she turned a new leaf by choosing to plant flowers.

A new beginning

Each time she planted a flower, she said: I am planting a new beginning for myself and my children. She strove to live in the present instead of her past. She also began to affirm, “I am pulling the cyst out of my body .” She suddenly found ‘chance’ happenings taking place in her life that created new avenues for financial growth.

It so happened a friend needed help in sewing costumes for a dramatic troupe. She not only sewed the costumes in place of her indisposed friend but also put in innovative suggestions to further quality and design. Soon she became popular as a costume designer and started earning well.

With time she attained excellent physical and financial health and advising people who wanted to make a new beginning to begin by planting the thought: I am now planting a creative idea for myself.

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