We are not the body. It’s a vehicle to experience this reality.

— David Icke

You exist in all dimensions at once

” This is God: the marriage between mind, matter, energy, love and light. Whatever words or concepts you personally may use, God is that unexplainable bridge that expresses itself in 3D, ready to open up and re-connect everything.

As humans, you often pray for this to happen not understanding that you are praying to yourselves. Your life is a manifestation of everything in this universe which can not be spoken or explained. It is the very reason why YOU have come to 3D, why YOU choose to exist in this state of 3D, without it ever truly effecting or diminishing you.

We laugh so hard sometimes, when we are with you behind-the-scenes, at how serious you take the things, events and people in your life, not recognising that you meet the same beingness over and over again; the beingness called God.

This is what you truly are, and what you truly do: you seemingly remove all other dimensions from your consciousness, willingly, in order to experience them here. Life is full of dimensions, every experience and every moment in time and space is a facet of a dimension that you are choosing to experience here on Earth, and as such you change that dimension forever. You lift it up because of your unparalleled point of observation.

If you do this more consciously than you do it now, you will reconnect with ALL and, yes, you will create Heaven on Earth. One concept, many descriptions. When you reconnect all other dimensions with 3D once again, you become the energy portal by opening yourselves to exist in all dimensions at the same time.

That’s what you believe God’s job description to be, right: creating Heaven on Earth? Well, we say to you, God: go forth and create the essence of what you are here. Then you will see, feel and touch everything, knowing that your divine mission has been a success.

Although this is not the total reason for you being here now, it is a big part of it. Never forget how blessed you truly are, by your own volition. We pray, Imzaia, that one day we may say: blessed you truly are, by your own admission.

When God comes home to your Heart is when you see yourself for what you truly are. When that happens, God comes home to Earth. Notice the subtle difference between these two words: ‘heart’ and ‘earth’ or, in other words ‘the beginning’ and ‘the end’. It has been known in earlier times as ‘the alpha’ and ‘the omega’.

When your heart and your earth will be one singular field, and not two opposites of the same dual coin, the promise of heaven will be fulfilled. That, beloved creators, was the original concept of heaven when you created it and put it in your DNA as the greatest mission ever to unfold: to truly come home again. To unify the alpha, which is the heart, and the omega or the heart’s energy now manifested as the earth.

We await your artistry and mastery with great anticipation. ”

© TheCouncilOfTwelve

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