Inspiration can come from the strangest of places! Don’t question the source! Just collect wisdom for the hive of the mind.

— The God Light

Changing into “GODS”

Today’s message will deal with holograms. Holograms form the basis of your perceived reality. The “you” that is reading this message is really a holographic projection of your Oversoul. You feel and look totally solid, but in fact that is part of the illusion of material reality. Without getting too technical, you are the result of interference patterns that result in standing waves. You are a package of standing waves.

Your physical body is contained in a matrix of Light. This Light is a substance, similar to water vapor, but much finer. It is incandescent, self-luminous, and so is often referred to as the Light Body. It is a matrix of Light in which the denser material that makes up the gross physical level is suspended, like so many particles in a soup. To “call down the Light Body” is ridiculous, as you would not be able to walk around if you weren’t already “in” your Light Body. It is what shapes you, carries you, and forms you. It is the “template” for your form. It is the projection of your Oversoul, and without it, you simply would not exist in material reality. You are a hologram of Light, formed by Light. All holograms are formed by light, of one kind or another. You are made up of Light.

Each particle of matter is a densification of this Light. Each material object is floating in a sea of this Light. You can’t see it with your physical eyes, but for those people who can see into the finer regions of reality, they are very aware of this. Why do we mention this? Because very soon now, you will be changing your form to more nearly resemble the perfected model of your Light Body.

We have mentioned the interlopers. They tinkered with the original design for the Adamic model and crossbred it with the higher apes on your planet. This led to some contamination of the encodings and [to] the subsequent confusion of identity that resulted. You are going through a purification process that will enable you to shed all of the “impurities” of this hybridization, and will regain your natural form. To you, these forms will look so perfect that you would call yourselves “gods” (and “goddesses”).
you will be like “gods”

But there is more to this change than “meets the eye.” To function on the next level of being, you must also have a change in your consciousness. We are gradually helping you to shift your identity, but we are also helping you to reconnect your unused Light circuitry, so that you will become fully conscious again. This is your true estate, your true nature, and we are here to help you regain your true station in the Creator’s realm.

This shift will bring you many things. You will have all your powers back — the ability to create directly from the matrix of reality, the ability to move backward and forward through time, the ability to perform what you would call “miracles.” You will have total mastery, with all the “perks” that go with that, but you will also have the responsibility that goes with those “perks”. You will not have powers that you do not also have the wisdom to use properly.

In order for you to have an environment that allows for the smooth transition to this “new you,” we will be working with you to take you far enough to handle another vibratory level, and then you will simply vanish from the third-density plane and appear in the fourth-density plane, where we have prepared a place for you. You will reside there until Terra is ready for you and you are ready for Terra. For those that go in the first two waves, you will have work to do before Terra is ready. You will know more when you get there. All you need to know right now is that this will happen. These messages are simply to prepare you for the change, not to describe every last detail of what will play out after that.

So this is a shift in frequency and it is also a shift in consciousness. You will find that you quite naturally begin functioning in new ways. Time and memory are the first things to go, but your bodies will also begin to operate differently. Pay attention to your bodies and what they are telling you. You may find that some foods no longer appeal to you and others suddenly become attractive. There are no rules to this game. You must throw out every idea of what you think is “how it is.”

Stay in the moment and “go with the flow.” Surrender will be helpful in this. Just keep letting go and [let] God [direct things], and you will have a much easier time of it. Wherever you cling to old ways, in whatever form, the pressure will build up until that grip is broken, for you cannot take any of the old ways into the new world. You are being re-created in situ. You will emerge as a fully formed, mature adult, without going through death, rebirth, and maturation. From one adult form to another.

So how do you accomplish this? You ACCEPT it. You focus on listening within and allowing the process to unfold within you. You allow yourself to melt and flow with the process. Resistance will be the source of all and any discomfort you may have with this process. Simply let go. If you find yourself in some form of discomfort, then do what you must to relax into it and it will shift. Take a bath. Meditate. Write your feelings. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Your breath is always a clue to whether you are holding onto something or letting go. Sigh a lot. That will give your body the message to keep on letting go. That feeling you have when you sigh — of emphasizing the exhale — is the body’s way of saying it’s letting go. “Let go and let God” [direct things]. This should be your motto. This will help you more than anything else to get through this transition with the least discomfort possible. Everything of your old life is going to go, so why hang onto it? Just let go.

There is really not much more for us to say to you today, as letting go is the way through. All the mechanics and logistics are being handled for you, so just take a passenger seat and enjoy the view. You have not much longer to wait.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

Source: OperationTerra

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