Where there is love there is life.

— Indira Gandhi

We are Light in Action 14-14-2010

I am Sophia who lives within each one of you.

The need for the light is present within your hearts at this moment is very important. Do not be frightened by the wonderful things that you are finding out about you.

God Father/ Mother speaks through various channels.

But know that he speaks mainly within you.

Deliver the masks to the host of illusion and leave the ball.

Come dance to the music of the spheres and come dance with me in the heat of the fire of the true knowledge.

That understands with infinite compassion and unconditional love.

I’m waiting for every one of you in the temple of crystal that exists within your heart.

Jesus waits with patience and love for his bride which is your divine essence.

Wake up and wake up, hear my call, I’m more a quantized portion of light, designate within the love of God Father/Mother for all of outer humanities of the cosmos .

I want you to wake up.

I want you to see when you look in the mirror, and come share with me what God Father/Mother have for each loved child .

I let you in the experience of your current situation.

Be light in action.

Love in action.

We are all love in infinite action.

I love you as God Father/Mother.

Trust and believe, you are pure light.

In love I leave you.


Channeling from the Group We are Light in Action on 04/14/2010


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