Mediocre minds usually dismiss anything which reaches beyond their own understanding.

— Francois de La Rochefoucald

You are going to awaken—there is no other option

When humanity moves into the fully conscious state of being — which is home, Reality, joy — its contentment will be boundless and contagious. All will be uplifted into a tremendous sense of wondering amazement at the happiness they experience, as they realize that they have awakened and find themselves where they have always known themselves to be — in the eternal Presence of their loving Father, One with Him and with each other. Knowing and experiencing divine existence, as it is, always has been, and always will be, is a joy beyond measure — extreme bliss — and it is where you always are, as there is nowhere else that you could possibly be. You are going to awaken. It is divinely decreed that you will — there is no other option.

As you wait, know that you are fully supported and loved in every moment by those who have gone before you. In the spiritual realms this support takes the form of electromagnetic energy, which is harmoniously synchronized with each of you experiencing an Earth existence, and is directed with perfect accuracy to each one who asks us for help. It is continuously available, and we take great joy in responding most positively to all who call on us because we are your sisters and brothers, and we are all One with our Father.

Never hesitate to call on us for any reason, because any reason that you can think of for not calling on us — “I am unworthy. . . I don’t deserve help. . . They are far too busy to hear me. . . My prayer is an intrusion. . . Why would they want to help me?” and so on — is merely your ego trying to hold you in the illusion to continue experiencing pain and suffering. Every call you make to us is responded to immediately because that is our joy and our purpose. You are our beloved family and we truly want to help you in any way we can.

Frequently, you do not hear or recognize our response. This is generally because your ego is making too much noise, by constantly bringing to your attention your fears and anxieties, and either demanding that you do something to ensure your security and defend yourselves against betrayal, accident, sickness, and death, or telling you that there is nothing you can do, that all is lost, and disaster will surely strike you yet again. With all this clamor rushing through your mind and fully holding your attention, it is almost impossible for you to access the help that is being offered to you in every moment.

Quieting your minds is a skill you all possess, every one of you, but it does take practice and intent. Meditation is the perfect practice, and there are countless books, teachers, and courses of instruction available in your illusory reality to help you revitalize this essential skill. As most of you know, it is a question of sitting comfortably and quietly, and then just letting go. Thoughts will come. . . notice them, but do not focus on them. . .and they will be replaced by others. Let them go too. When you notice that you have been drawn in and have engaged with your thought process, acknowledge it — without judgment. Again. .. let it go. This will make space in which you can recognize your spiritual help, your inner guidance, your intuition, your infinite divine knowledge. This will bring you increasing peace as realization comes to you that all truly is as it should be, that you are learning invaluable lessons in every moment, and that you are perfect because God created you, and that your human life experience is an illusion from which you cannot fail to awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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