This era is the time of “dreaming the world awake.” So let’s wake up together and dream.

— indigenous proverb

You are part of the immortal life force

As you wait expectantly — holding the light of God’s transforming energy for your awakening into full consciousness — you know that the wonder of that moment, when it occurs, will be more exhilarating by far than anything you can ever imagine. It is this knowledge, anchored deep within you, way below the level of human conscious awareness, that gives you the strength to have faith and trust in God’s plan for His beloved progeny. Yes. . .you have doubts and anxieties about its validity and your faith in it — that is what the illusion fosters and encourages because it is a very dark and threatening place that you have built for yourselves. So hold on to your trust in your Father’s Will for you, because it is the only Truth that you can meaningfully believe in and rely on while you remain seemingly trapped in the illusion.

You are not trapped; God’s children can never be trapped or contained. They are free, limitless, immortal beings. It is just that as you focus your attention so determinedly on the illusion it is impossible for you to see how basically insubstantial it is. Your awakening will dispel it like the wraith that it is, and you will forget it as though it had never been, because in truth it never was, and with it will go all sense and memory of it. There will be nothing to limit or disturb the joy of your awakening.

As you have been told repeatedly, your awakening is guaranteed, unavoidable, inevitable. So remind yourselves of this every time you experience doubts or face difficulties, and then ask for divine help to dissolve them. You will be heard and answered, and you will find the strength and the wisdom to deal with your difficulties. You are dearly loved, and your Father’s Will for you is joy. So allow your hearts to open — to receive the constant outpouring of His Love for you.

There is no limit to His Love for you and no limit to your ability to accept it, except for the limits you place upon yourselves. Why do you set those limits? It is because you judge yourselves or others as unworthy and then believe that His Love is withheld. He never withholds His Love — it is always indiscriminately and limitlessly offered. However, you have free will, and can and do refuse to accept it. That does not offend Him and He continues to offer it, knowing that eventually you will accept. You cannot shut it out completely because it is the immortal life force that contains all that exists, and you are consequently part of it and immortal. But once you start to accept it willingly, by releasing your judgment of yourselves as unworthy, you will begin to experience peace within, as your fears and hates become less pervasive prior to their eventual complete dissolution.

Be comforted, and rejoice in the knowledge that there is absolutely nothing you can do to make your Father withdraw His Love from you. Without you He would be incomplete — and without Him you would not exist. Neither of those situations is possible because He is eternal, existing forever without end. And His creation, of which you are all a part, is also without end.

The infinite perfection of God — and the perfection of all that He creates — is of the most sublime beauty. So allow yourselves to acknowledge the unassailable Truth of that, and start to see that beauty, which is yours, reflected back to you from every living being, to remind you continually that you are all perfect and eternally One with your divine Father.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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