I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.

— Mahatma Gandhi

You are, in reality, brilliant, shimmering jewel-like Beings

The earth changes that so many of you are expecting will be mainly benign. Much needs to happen to aid in your planet’s renewal — and it will — but any major earth movements or shifts will occur in sparsely populated or unpopulated areas, so there will be very few media reports of these important events. These changes are vital and will be accompanied by major changes in the divine energy field enveloping your planet, which will in turn effect every sentient being on Earth.

As a result of the energy changes, you will all feel far more peaceful, with increased enthusiasm and zest for life, but for no immediately discernible reason. As this zestful enthusiasm spreads throughout humanity, conflicts across the planet, which are presently causing much pain and suffering, will be peacefully resolved and brought to closure. You truly have no need of conflicts, and finally that perception is dawning on all.

The incredible power of humanity, which has been directed towards distrust, conflict, and war, will now be available for cooperative harmonious ventures that will benefit you all in stupendous and previously unimaginable ways. As your sensed needs to protect or defend yourselves from all manner of possible painful eventualities dissolve, you will find yourselves living without the stress and anxiety that your current beliefs in scarcity encourage and demand.

Life is going to change for you, as you emerge into the new Golden Age, in ways that you cannot imagine.

You are all dearly loved and you all pulsate with love — the life force — in a magnificent array of brilliant colors. The reason you do not see this and are totally unaware of it is because of the defensive shields that you have woven around yourselves for protection. These shields are them asks you all wear and present to others as your identity. When two people fall in love – not lust – the mask or shield that they present to each other becomes much thinner, like gossamer, and they get a sense of each other’s beauty shining through. And even so, it is but a pale, almost unrepresentative image of the real beauty that lies beneath.

You are all glorious beings of the most brilliant light which is presently disguised and hidden beneath the human identity that you made to protect you while you wandered fearfully through the nightmare world — the illusion in which it appears you have your true existence. When you awaken from the dream and depart from the illusion, those masks or shields will dissolve and you will display your real and glorious divine identities for all to see. Seeing yourselves and each other as the brilliant, shimmering, jewel-like beings of magnificent beauty, which in reality you are, will cause an immense outpouring of unconditional love that will envelop you all, as you are bathed as well in the divine energy field which flows from your Father in every moment in a blaze of infinite warmth and acceptance.

All sense of inadequacy will fall away, leaving you with only the knowledge and blissful experience of your everlasting Oneness with each other and with God. Finally, once again, you will be at Home in the divine Reality in which you were so lovingly created, to enjoy forever the fruits and wonders of that magnificent state. With
so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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