Student says ” I am very discouraged. What should I do?” Master says, “encourage others”.

— Zen Proverb

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Selamat Jarin!

We come with many things to discuss with you. Our Earth allies are working with our liaison teams to prepare the world for the announcements that are to follow the deliveries of your prosperity funds. The major banks of your globe are awaiting the fate of the US Federal Reserve Bank because when this bank and its cohort in England collapse, the new global banking system can come on line in earnest. Until then, various methods are underway to force the recalcitrant banks out. All other components of this changeover are ready and waiting and under starter’s orders. China, Japan, and a host of other nations are completing the steps to prepare for the moment when the present US administration is replaced by the American caretaker regime. This new governance is to formally mark the start of a period of friendly cooperation among nations. Most of your survival stresses are to be alleviated once the present US government passes from the world scene. The dark cabal and its hubristic manipulation of the American and Soviet governments are primarily responsible for the past sixty years of discord.

Your history is at a massive turning point. The dark cabal, which has been the de facto power behind the global scene, is on the verge of throwing in the towel, and its demise results inescapably in the full disclosure of our existence and of a veritable constellation of advanced technologies! At a stroke, you are to take a scientific leap of several centuries, and this demands a corresponding evolutionary jump on your part into higher realms of mind and heart. A new perception of yourselves and Creation must spring into being, generating a collective experience of Love, the higher emotions, and the potential that is full consciousness. You are embarking on something unique, and this something will challenge you and leave you ready for the wonders of full consciousness. Furthermore, Mother Earth is egging you on as there is little time left for you to dawdle. You are engaged upon a path of fantastic possibilities and unimaginable rewards. Until now, you have shown little of what you are capable of by way of mutual assistance but once you align with the Divine, Service becomes your highest calling!

Your society is shifting from a survival-based orientation to one of service and responsibility. Exciting research in the fields of psychology and medicine in general includes the study of creativity and the brain’s astonishing cognitive skills. This advancement springs directly from your rising consciousness, fueling the new focus on your intuitive cognitive abilities. Your scientists are reaching toward aspects that hint at full-consciousness faculties and that attest to a human potential which transcends the current bio-scientific paradigm. This calls for a new societal and scientific model that can embrace concepts that take you far beyond your conventional wisdom. In all spheres of endeavor, things are either in a state of chaos or actively indicating new ways of perceiving how your world really operates. The past millennia of “normal” are transiting into something completely different. You sit on the brink of this reality and are already sliding quickly onto a path which includes first contact!

Your world is in fact already fully entwined with us, and our job is now to move us both toward open first contact. However, due to recent developments, the seamlessness of the previous first-contact plan has been replaced by some possibly bumpy interactions. Your dark cabal had set up a scenario that we needed to neutralize, and this we have done. The ploys of your cabal to derail contact have failed! This has led us to intervene much more fully and quite a lot earlier than anticipated into your affairs, with our liaison teams working more closely with our Earth allies. This has also necessitated more frequent contact between your major governments and us. Your ranking military commanders have proven to be very helpful in explaining what is required for effective and legal regime change. Also, many academicians and members of your diplomatic corps have contributed valuable insights about effecting change. The key to change is a coherent stewardship supported on occasion by our technological superiority.

The dark cabal is an expert on how to manipulate and control you. Our earth-bound advisors have educated us fully in how this works and we intend to use this data to move your society from endlessly tottering on the brink of change to actually seeing the changes manifest. We incorporated our recently gleaned information into a proposal which we submitted to our heavenly advisors for approval. They recommended various modifications, and we are now implementing their suggestions and thereby altering what our Earth allies are doing. This new thrust emphasizes the rapid completion of all goals affecting the ascendance of the caretaker regimes. It is of paramount importance that these new governments begin to work together to set up the more equitable financial system, institute global debt forgiveness, and end the global UFO cover-up as well as the government-backed terrorism that plagues your world.

Once again our tasks have proliferated and we are now even more deeply involved in your affairs and working closely with Mother Earth. Our scientists are using the expertise of our Agarthan brethren to better understand what it is that Mother Earth now needs to have happen. You have a big responsibility to Mother Earth, and this divine service links you to Inner Earth and allows you to forge a wondrous bond with your Inner Earth cousins. We have watched their tremendous dedication to your home world, and they are very ready to mentor you and demonstrate how to transform your great Love for Mother Earth into action. This knowledge encompasses your Moon and the resurrection of Earth’s two former celestial companions. This subject brings us to a chapter of your untold history which we will leave to the Agarthans to tell.

Your solar system, like Earth, is using her increased activity to prepare for her shift into a fully conscious fifth-dimensional reality. The large outer gas planets are adjusting the electrogravitic fields that hold everything in balance. This huge field stretches around your solar system like an immense placenta and is now readying to birth your new reality. The many noncorporeal Beings who reside in your solar system are joyously waiting for the moment when you can easily communicate with one another. They have a truly inexhaustible knowledge of this system and all its planets, and can fill you in on how the trans-Martian planet Pax was destroyed and how it is to be reconstituted by the Elohim. This is a mere glimpse of the world that is to open up for you once your full consciousness is restored.

Recently our Galactic Federation medical teams have reported that many of you are having lower backaches, shoulder pains, and heart, liver, and kidney problems. These assorted maladies are due mainly to the bringing in of the diaphragm, new heart, and thymus chakras. These new centers are tied in to the awakening of various meridians that have been long dormant in you. These meridians are eventually to be integral to your body’s more extensive nervous system. One of Heaven’s first goals is to bring out of dormancy as much of your physical self as possible, and these aches and pains are part of getting you to a place where your final leap into full consciousness, with the help of your Inner Earth Light chambers, can easily happen.

Today, we carried on with our discussion about your reality and how it is being transformed. Everywhere, your world is experiencing the chaos that is a constituent of your present reality’s demise. Understandably you are frustrated and you wonder when and how this turmoil is to end. We are working with Heaven and our Earth allies to get this hugely complex operation done in a divine and timely manner. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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