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Loving The Self – Ascended Master Kuthumi

Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to great thee at this time and to gift unto thee a blessing of peace, a blessing of happiness, a blessing of understanding and a blessing of great joy, inner joy.

Greetings beloved ones,

A: Greetings Master Kuthumi.

MK: It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, we are delighted to once again gather with you within this sacred space and within the intimacy of your own sacred heart for that is truly where the energy emits from. When one come together in a sacred space such as this, in a space which you have created by being ever so present within the divinity of the energy that you create here at this time it certainly most certainly gravitates out from the sacred heart and it emanates into everything else and is reflected back to you, therefore home is where the heart is and that expression is what truly now comes to serve you at a most wondrous level of understanding the self. For in the past two sessions you have been taken through, this group specifically, (and those following this) have been taken through the process of anchoring the self in a magnificent way unlike what you have been taught before and that was to bring a different energy into your own perception and understanding of the being that you are at home and the being that you are at work and to bring these into the energies of action and expression in such a way that you will begin to see yourself as a beautiful magnificent being living in the home therefore expressing and living through the heart, for the heart energy is the energy that you truly feel at home. Now that expression takes you much further and much deeper than the average person could at times understand and that is because the energy expression of home is where the heart is does not necessarily refer to the establishments that you live within, it refers to Home, the energy of heaven, that is the energy that you are most comfortable with and in that divine presence of home is where you find your heart.

It is also for that very reason most beings have this intense longing for home, for their heart, for a return understanding of their heart. These energies you try and duplicate and replicate in creating your home, the home that you live within, for your home reflects everything that you are as a spirit being and therefore you need to look at the reflection given to you from the energy of your personal environment that your refer to as your home as where you are currently at. Now very often the urge grabs you by the throat, usually, to try and clear out your home and therefore in that some process understand that if you are experiencing that, then certainly behind the scenes of your magnificent making you too are clearing the energies of your heart. Clearing, healing, balancing, stabilizing and then a whole brand new projection comes to life at the end of that.

The energy of Home, the Home in as you refer to the Heavens, beloved ones is an aspect of the divine self which never leaves you, it can never leave you. It is a process of supreme divine understanding that is you, and that is-ness of you is what you try and recreate within your immediate home environments. Now many people have this absolute desire never to leave their homes, they become as you say hermits, not so? The important thing there is to go through the process of the home body and to then to analyze as to why that situation is so important, or why that person is unable to actually project through that barrier of security a whole new reflection for themselves so that they are able to be the carriers of their own Home, of their own hearts and that is the ultimate, for when you are able to carry that essence in your heart, Home will truly be where your heart is at. Therefore on that principle you can change your home as you take your steps forward into the mystery of divineness. You can take your steps forward into various processes of learning and exploration and even along any one of those, although they may be very tricky at times or challenging still feel groundedly at Home, for that is where your heart is, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

MK: The essence of this forms the basis of your true understanding of the self. Now we have taken you through, for those of you that are here and when I say here, I don’t necessarily mean here in person but rather here in consciousness, we have taken you through a process of getting to know different aspects of the self in various situations, we have chosen to present that information to you first of all introducing you to your self at home. We then introduced you to your self at your work place, and the reason why we have chosen those two energies in that particular order beloved ones is because your life span is spent working on average far more than being at home, so to speak. Therefore if you are not congruent within your personality type or other personality types in the establishment where you spend the greatest amount of your time then certainly you have got a problem, you have got a great problem on your hands, and with that come now a whole new energy presentation of self love. It is a whole new, shall we say, bundle of energies as you like to refer to your computer language. We have created a lot of different fuses which now comes together and we are not even selling it to you, we are giving it to you for free, as a great bundle of energy which brings through a new influx of divinity, and it is a powerful influx.

Beloved ones, beloved brothers and sisters of this magnificent Planet Earth, indeed you need to come to terms with yourself, ON YOUR OWN TERMS, and that is why we are giving the teachings through various channels to make humanity aware of their own choice. You have a choice; it is your choice to be who you are. And you may sit here and politely think very lightly of being who you are but let me tell you something right now, to claim yourself within your divine beingness as knowing who you are takes many, many, lifetimes of dedication, many life times of search, of stumbling, until finally the understanding hits you of your super divinity.

Beloved ones, in times ahead in projecting the future if you could but for a moment understand the magnificence of all the peace, tranquillity and divinity that awaits you, you would get only but half as excited as I am right now.

A: Laugher.

MK: And that would be good enough for me, for the other half I will fill up.

Dear ones, getting excited about the New Planet Earth and the new energies certainly gets my adrenalin going. As Kuthumi I am one of the major overseers of this planet, I fill many roles on many levels where I bring through many teachings on different levels bringing forth tons of information in a different way. I work together with my brothers and sisters on the Angelic realm from various dimensional aspects, be that from even the first, right up to the very last, which is unending. All of us come together to make an amazing great and wondrous and spectacularly divine plan work, and so do you. All of you now are given a chance to work together as one united force acting out your own privilege of awakening to your conscious oneness, that is great indeed. For Humanity up until now have been unable to truly get to grips and get to understand what it truly means to be part of a Oneness team, a Divineness.

Now, the first way of understanding that essence is to come to terms with the various aspects of the self for if you are unable to understand yourself at a certain level then how will you able to understand yourself as part of the One at any other level, you can not do that. Therefore the old-old suggestion is to work at the self and to plough very deeply into your own soils and to turn that soil and once that soil is turned to then reach out and grab the most powerful and most magnificent fertiliser that you can ever find and sprinkle it in your base centre. Allow that earth to become rich, to become alive. Allow that earth to bring happiness and joy and abundance to everyone instead of always preaching the negativity, the blasphemy, the blame and the inevitable, and by inevitable I mean the inevitable miss-happenings and rumblings on your earth.

Beloved ones when you pay attention to something it becomes you, its is a law that I have shared with you during my last and prior to that transmissions using many different words but there is only one secret to manifesting that which you truly desire in your life and that is to become it. Now if you want to become something what do you do, you act it out don’t you, you share about it sister, you speak about it don’t you, you live it out. Therefore it is also very important to understand that in the same way we are asking you, in fact we are not asking you, we are telling you to stay away from all negativity no matter what, and when in future you are in any conversation with anyone it matters not who and they bring forth an negative aspect for you to engage in, then simply thank them and walk away, that is of course if you cannot change the conversation and of course naturally if you would prefer to be in that conversation and if not then that is your chance out, for all you have to do is simply say, excuse me sir, Kuthumi says I’ve got to get the hell out of here!!!

A: Great laughter.

MK: And there off you go, off you go. Blame it on me, I am large, I am big and I am a very strong and powerful ‘man’ and I can take it.

A: Laughter.

MK: Beloved ones, now is the time for you to stand firm in your boots, to be strong in yourself and to have your personalities in check. It is for this reason that we have brought forth a different way of approaching these gatherings through this particular channel for each person that brings through various messages from various masters as I have explained previously, all bring through their own divine perception and understand of that particular message or teaching that needs to be shared with the world and all of these together bring forth one massive great light and this great light is what each and every one of you contribute to, what you call ascension.

Now, there is a need, there is in fact a great need, for many people are beginning to wake up and believe me you all are different and all of you are at different levels – different levels of understanding, perception, being and experience, so therefore what is being shared is being shared because of the need for it. Now with this speeding up of the energies around your planet, the speeding up of time and of course the increased vibrations of these very powerful energies you need to now understand that the time is here for you to step into your authenticness. And that is why 99% of the teachings now being presented to humanity through it matters not who, is about your authenticness, it is about claiming that self, that Divine Powerful Self no matter who you are, as magnificent, no matter your faults, no matter your mistakes as you perceive it to be (but we will not go there again we have been there too many times), no matter what you may see yourself to be imperfect about.


It is in you, it is in every powerful cell of your body and that understanding, that knowing of home is who you are, it is what you breathe out, it is what you inhale, as you float on the magnificence of The Divine. The Divine that created you and The Divine that created me.

So now in understanding a bit more of this, in relating to the various topics of the self where you spend 99% of your time, your home and your work you now need to bridge that inner gap, that holiness, that Divineness that spells out that your inner and your outer is but ONE, and in that Oneness is the understanding and the compassion and the knowing of what you know as home, and that home is in your heart, it is deep in your heart and when you sit down and you look at and smell the powerful fragrance off a beautiful flower and you get emotional about it then that is you at home. When you stand outside in your gardens and you look up at the heavens and for no reason what so ever you get quite emotional and you think WOW…that is what you feel when you feel at home. It is what stirs you, that is what motivates you for that is what created you. So now, in that magnificence we ask you to begin re-establishing various parts of your experience here that you refer to as life. We refer to it as growth; for growth is what you truly experience here amongst us, the living…..

Do you think you are alive……? Maybe….

A: Laughter.

MK: Pinch yourself and see.

Beloved ones, the urgency is here.


The urgency is now, and therefore do not walk away from here this day not ever giving these words a thought for only you are the ones benefiting from this and of course once you are able to grace and embrace your divineness by being conscious then the world is your oyster. Who you effect, who you guide, who you share with, be it your neighbour next door, be it the angry person down the road either way makes no difference, or be it in a person or a being that lives on the other side of the world, this world or another galaxy. That is what consciousness gives to you, it takes away the process of time, speed and distance as you know it, those are the clichés within your science, and that science is what you are now beginning to get under the belt into your blood, when you begin to understand that your blood is not necessarily red by accident, no, can you imagine yourself with any other colour blood, no, so that is the way it is, embrace it. Embrace your spirituality, embrace your part forward, research and extend your energy so that you may begin to integrate new energy, new understandings and new teachings without the usual having to question and judge and blame along the way for those are the old energies of two thousand and fine (2009) that we are finished with, that was the year that has past, now within this current year, the year of great manifestations and the year of great understanding and the opening portals that will lead the masses into divine perception in the years to come, understand now and here that you as a light worker, you as a worker for the consciousness of light now need to stand in your shoes, be strong in your beliefs and in your power and know yourself as divine for that you are. The inner and outer are two different aspects of the self that are exactly and identically the same thing. The only difference is you seem to think that one is tangible, touchable, you can feel it and you can connect to it with your senses and the other you can’t but truth be told you know you have your lower senses, you have your higher senses. Your lower senses are the senses that relates to the lower body, the physical. The higher senses are the senses that relates to the higher body, the spiritual, therefore understand that in your twelve sensory system you are truly able to tap into the lower five which culminates for the evolved in the sixth sense which then gives birth to another 6 senses for those that evolved thus became conscious, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

MK: And in that pattern lies all the answers to life, for if you can begin to work with and sit and work through your higher senses you will very easily begin to tap into the higher aspects of your self as you would tap into the lower aspects of your self.

I ask you a question?

When you live let us say a very brave and busy life, exploring it all, doing it all, having great fun, indulging all the time, never taking the time to rest and recover, eventually one day you become tired and you begin to think, maybe perhaps I need a rest, yes.

Do you sit down immediately and are able to tap into what goes on in the various organs of your body?


No, but you should. It is the lower senses. You can touch it, you can smell them. If you good enough you could taste them, if you are smart enough you could see them and if not use a mirror, a multidimensional mirror I might add. And if you are quiet enough you will hear them for those senses are what these organs use to communicate with you. They are giving you insights as to what is going on. Now the good thing is that the human body recreates itself all of the time I am sure you are very familiar with this, although for some of you now stretching on in the years I am sure you are not quite so agreeable on that one, are you sister?

Kuthumi turns and looks at elderly sister next to him

A: Laughter.

MK: Well, where I come from it makes absolutely no difference whether you use a lotion or a potion, or what ever it matters to create a new energy, all you have to do is think it.

So, in the same way if you begin to tune your energy into your upper six senses and the only way that you can get there is to surrender into the sixth sense because the sixth sense is your sixth chakra, and what does the sixth chakra do?

It opens all of the portals to higher dimensions that involves greater insight. So the sixth sense that opens up the sixth portal is where you need to go through, into that void, into that abyss, into that divineness to get to the other side and from that other side you will be able to see and feel the different aspects of yourself at play, which is one of the reasons why we have asked this channel to give you the pre-meditation with the colours and playing with the colour for as you know sound and colour is it, that is what you work through. Those are the two most powerful healing mediums you could ever have.

Beloved ones, in creating that visualisation of colour the essence is to bring an awareness of the reality of your extended bodies which you call your auric field and this of course is contained within your immediate energy field or light body, which eventually activates itself under your command. So all of that of course relates to your consciousness, thus in that first mediation was there any one of you that really and truly struggled to be able to create those colour cones around your bodies, anyone?

You could all see it, brother?

Brother: Yes.

MK: You could all relate to it, yes, you could understand it? Well what we are going to do is in the energy activation that is to follow we are going to expand on that initial mediation, in other words we are going to take it one step further, our way.

Beloved ones, in the simplicity of colour, in the simplicity of your auric field lies too the complexity of your understanding, lies too the complexity of your beliefs, lies too the complexity of your perceptions, the complexity of your knowing, the complexity of who you are as a being. Now unless you have trained and have worked extensively with that energy it is not always very easy to be able to relate to it. For more times than not humanity either runs out of steam before it happens or they loose interest because they are not able to grasp it, and they simply turn around and call it what ever they wish to call it, but not at all the fact that they couldnt hold their concentration for longer than five seconds. You should be able to hold your concentration for a lot longer than that but it is a human condition to bring in the power of the eighth chakra, and the eighth chakra is where your archetypes are at. Therefore you constantly give yourself the challenge, are you able to love yourself? Are you able to hold your concentration for longer than 5 seconds? Are you able to truly forgive the self? Are you able to be your self? All of these energies come pounding in and come pounding in and as they come pounding in they become quite angry in their action and of course that is what provokes within you the reaction and as you react you create the defence, the defence creates an offence and off you go declaring war, declaring war at every single level, from the base chakra up to the crown chakra.

Now although that big challenge of war exists very much in the lower centres it is truly the gateway within the throat and the third eye that begins to give you power and that power and that will that it gives you, is for you to know home.


And when you know your home, in other words when you are able to be at peace within your heart wherever you are you will never have another need for conflict in any way. And that is one of the greatest challenges that the universal energies gives you as the laws of the universe, for you to be able to prove that you can work through issues without having to circum to it, and that is the great sadness and the disappointment that many a being come to face on their last breath here on this earthly plane, is the fact that they weren’t ‘strong’ enough to actually uphold the energy of home. The fact that they lost concentration along the way. They forgot about their divineness, they were too convinced about the fact that they are ‘no good’. All the elements of self-worth came in; it slashed through them like a knife at the throat. Yet had they but just hung on to their Supernal Divineness, to that knowing of Home, to that essence of true spirit that is within them, which is the love that we bring to you, to each of you, and indeed beloved ones consider yourself incredibly blessed and very fortunate to be able to be exposed to all of this, lets get that clear, and thank your Higher selves for pushing you and nudging you on the path of wanting to know more, wanting to do more, wanting to be happy, to be at peace, to want to live an abundant and beautiful life no matter what, happy to be at Home and in that come now into your self and expose your heart to All that is, embracing every single experience of your life as just that. I know it is very difficult believe me, we work with you, you may not always know it, but we are there, we catch your tears and we allow them to sprinkle water across your planet and fertilise the grounds. We take your pain and we twist it and mould it and turn it until it becomes your happiest moments. We are there with every hair that you loose off your head. Every time you are angry or frustrated we hear you. If you believe we don’t……challenge us to it.


Challenge us to it. Now that challenge is where we from the Angelic realm, myself Kuthumi and many other beings beginning with Lord Hilarion and of course the Oracles of Delphi headed by Goddess Diana will work with and through this channel in time to come, challenging you to your divinity and we are going to show you one step at a time how to acknowledge it, how to create it, how to live it and how to be it because by God you can do it!!! You can do it!!! You are ambassadors of the light. You need to now embrace that and live it, and the only way you can do it is to experience it. To be in action not reaction. To express your love instead of your regrets, your anger. To embrace the living God within you which is reflected by your ability to remember Home and to make your Home your heart. To live through the divinity in your heart, and to see the beauty in all of life by living it, by anchoring it, and by spreading it, sharing it, caring, for these are the elements that will bring you to the full balance of your self, and your self you need to work through the sixth chakra to be able to get to the supreme balance of the lower five senses and the upper seven.


You need to work through this. You need to get to the sixth sense to get to the other six senses and once you are through that portal and able to experience those six senses you are able to create and recreate just about anything you want and the responsibly of that is immense, its immense, and that responsibly or the challenge of that knowledge is what challenged you during the times of the Atlantean fall. You took it too far because you knew you could. This time round we are going to show you, yeah you can do it, but we can do better and we do that by being at One with you.

We have always said never walk behind us, never walk ahead of us but walk next to us and we mean that for not even in the greatness of all existence is there any need for anyone to lead, for you are all leaders. If we are all one then what makes you better and brighter and more outstanding than me….nothing. For even in that magnificence of your brilliant mind and your ability to create for yourself an arms length of educational experiences, nothing can come close to remembrance to who you truly are and only your heart can give you that for you see within the heart is placed a Divine Magnetic Energy, and that Divine Magnetic Energy is what will always remind you of who you are and when one fights with aggression to overcome all the challenges within the solar plexus, in other words when you begin your own personal fight with Mercury, that is when that attraction, that magnetic energy within the heart glows brighter. The gold becomes so magnificent that you begin to realise that that which you refer to as the colour gold on the Planet Earth is but a reflection of what you know as the Divine. You bring your most sparkling, most sparkling gold, you bring your most sparkling and most brilliantly cut diamonds and nothing will come to the energy that you will see in those very reflections beyond this, but beloved ones there is a portal for you that you can work through to claim that, to acknowledge that and that is the portal of self love. For self love, self acceptance and being authentic is the only energy that will allow you to fully open up your divine vision and that divine vision is what will give you the power and the will to have courage and it is that courage supported by the power of the will of the throat that will give you the final boost to absolutely be who you are, no matter what, for how dare one person tell you that you are no good, who in the world gave them the right to write certain words in certain books and call it law? It is preposterous. Yet they look at you as one that has gone insane, where does their knowledge come from beloved ones? I have been here for a very long time. It comes from the same place it has always come from.

Long Pause.

And so they knew me as Moses, and that was beautiful and good and kind, and now they hear of me as Kuthumi and it no longer is…


Please get yourself ready for the energy activation.


Beloved ones, at this time of death and rebirth which is very much the underlying energy of my message to you today, know that even in the darkest hour hope and possibility is always alive.

Allow yourself to become really relaxed. Feel at ease with your breathing, as you breathe in inhale fresh beautiful oxygen into your lungs, allow your lungs to absorb that, to expand and then as you exhale release all of the tension from your body, release all of the pain and all of the suffering that you as with the man that you know as Yeshua Ben Yosef have endured in your lifetime, allow this time of the celebration of Easter to bring to you the power and the will to have the courage to claim your magnificence, to open up the higher portals and to see your self as a part and therefore a spark of the divine.


With every inbreath absorb magnificent, powerful, beautiful new energy and beloved ones with every exhale let go of the past, let go of yesterday, let go of last week, let go of last month, last year, let go of the last decade, the last century it matters not just let it drift.

Understand (claim in your heart) as your physical body renews itself every 72 hours, every cell in your body has a new chance because of the charged and recreated or as you refer to it rewired DNA, that you too have the chance to restore all of your bodies. That as you have a chance to naturally restore and communicate and live with and change all of these energies that may have challenged you within your physical body that you too now also have the ability to set or reset your computer, your personal computer, the very one that asked you to see everything as mistakes by default, reset it by letting go (of old beliefs). You too are given a chance now to open your heart and your mind and your soul and through that embrace the truth of the higher realities of who you are.

Beloved ones, you all have lived many lifetimes and over the last 2000 years or so, many of you here within this circle have taken it upon you to come back to be in support of the everlasting, ever living Christ. To be in support of the truth, the realisation of this truth and to finally be part of the team that is brave enough to come and to express this. For that we honour you and we are truly, truly behind you in what you believe, those of you who have stepped forward this time around to awaken the self to your own Divineness and magnificence, we salute you too. For on this planet of free choice or the University of Life as most refer to it, it does become a tremendous challenge to be able to get through all the stumble blocks and all of the challenges that you as a human have set up for yourselves.

And with that allow the oxygen in your lungs to breathe fresh air into your body, with every inbreath breathe in very deeply please. Feel how the oxygen creates a new flow of energy through your veins. Feel how the oxygen sends new life into your limbs. First of all concentrate now on the energy in your lungs. Now visualise from your physical lungs you breathe out a magnificent red energy. Allow this red energy to envelope your entire body as if a second skin is created. Now if there is anywhere that you feel a fissure forming or there is a lack of the colour over a certain part of the body, again concentrate on the energy in your lungs, breathe new life into your lungs and then through the knowing of the love in your heart ask for the various body parts through the lower senses to heal that gap. And if you need to repeat it, do it again. Some of you may need to repeat it a couple of times, not necessarily those of you here in present, but also those in presence (reading this)

Allow the energy of the love in your heart to bring through the healing essence in your lungs to send forth all vibrations needed to heal the lack of energy.

Long pause.

We are now going to move on. We are going to ask you to bring into your mind the colour violet…asking you to breathe in once again very deeply, breathe the colour violet into your lungs and then hold it for a moment or two and simply allow it to travel through the lungs through the red and to lodge itself on the outside of your energy field creating the outer border of your auric rim.

Long pause.

Now, can you feel that the gap between the violet and the red is much wider than it was previously? (the pre-meditation) Is there anyone here that can relate to that?

Yes, no?

A: Mumbling

MK: Anyone?

Sister: No, mine is melding, there is no gap.

MK: There is no gap. Anyone feel there is a gap? No.

Can you feel that the auric field that you are creating now is a lot more expansive, even though you activated only two colours thus far?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good, then you are all on the same page.

We are now going to breathe in the colour yellow. We are going to bring into your lungs and through the same process expand it from the lungs, past the red into the auric field creating the boundary between the violet and the red. Breathe in please.


Feel the yellow come into the lungs, and then expand your lungs absorbing the yellow, allowing it to gravitate through the red lodging itself in the very centre of the two colours already activated.


Can you feel your auric field is a lot more expansive than it was before?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good, then we are still on the same page

Sister: I am feeling mine quite giddy, is that…..

MK: It is very good sister, for what is being created here is a great and expansive energy but we are going to give you a moment from now chance to truly feel the expansiveness of this energy.


We are now going to breathe in, now bear with me here. It matters not through which nostril you use but through the one nostril you are going to breathe in the colour orange and through the other nostril you are going to breathe in the colour green and you are going to lodge those on either side of the yellow. The orange naturally closest to the skin, and of course the green naturally closest to the violet.

Are you with me?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good.


Breathe in.


Hold those two colours in your lungs.


And let go.

Allow those colours to expand, allowing the orange to fill the gap between the red and the yellow, and the green to fill the gap between the yellow and the violet. If you need to repeat that then please do or if you need to reinforce that then please do.

See if you can within your minds eye begin to visualise one colour in the one nostril and another in the other, and if for some reason you are not able to do that, then simply do it one colour at a time, breathing through both nostrils, through the lungs and into the auric field. I will leave you for a moment to experience that, and physically breathe it in.

Long pause.

Do you feel your auric field expanding even more?

A: Yes.

MK: Now, move your selves so that you are at least an arms length away from the person next to you, almost touching finger tips.

Everyone moves apart.

Beloved ones move right out, out, you are too close. If your finger tips touch then move away so that you have your own space.

Move out and back if you have to.

I love seeing consciousness expand like this.

A: Much laughter.

MK: This is literally an exercise in creating intimacy by being so far apart.

A: Giggling.

MK: Very good then.

Now close your eyes again and bring your focus and concentration back onto your breathing. Still your mind for a moment. Bring back into your focus the colours that you have invoked thus far.


We are now going to ask you to anchor the last two colours of the seven main of your spectrum. We are first of all going to ask you to activate the colour blue within your auric field. We are going to do this a little differently. We are going to ask you that instead of allowing this colour to come through your lungs, allow it to come directly into the throat. So we are going to breathe but we are going to breathe it directly into the throat and from the throat you are going to expand it into your auric field all around you, are you with me.

Remember your auric field is now expanding which is the reason why I have asked for you to move apart, so now let us breathe in the colour blue, and let us be sure to breathe in anything between a pale and powder blue right up to a sapphire blue darkest.

Breathe in, breathe the blue into the throat, hold it there for a couple of seconds and then as you release see how the throat chakra expands this blue energy into a huge circle of light enveloping you in a massive blue egg of life, or for those of you that prefer to see your energy fields in the merkabic energy, do so.


Can you feel the power of that energy?

A: Mumbling.

MK: Let’s do it again. So you are going to breathe in normally and as you breathe in you are going to draw in from all around you the magnificent colour blue into the throat, hold it there for a couple of seconds and then simple allow it to gravitate out into your auric field creating this massive cocoon, with the colours on the inside and of course the violet on the outside of the blue, so the blue is lodged next to the green. And the blue is about at the level of your wrist should you put your arm out, are you with me. Anyone lost? See if you can relate to that then.

We are now going to finally breathe in the colour indigo and as with the blue we are going to draw that energy directly into the third eye and from the third eye you are also going to expand it so that it takes up its format within the violet and blue sphere or upper sphere or outer sphere of your auric fields. So breathe in the colour indigo, into the third eye.


And then let it expand and lodge itself between the crown which is the violet and the throat which is the blue. Can you feel the expansiveness of that energy? Can you relate to that?

A: Yes.


MK: Now open your eyes and as you open your eyes looking around still relate to the power of these colours around you. If you find it too distracting to look at anyone simply keep your focus on the centre of the room, but at the same time become aware of these layers of colour as wide as your arms can stretch, and stretch it out.


And now I am going to ask you to do it again. We are going to do it like this. You are going to take your hands and you are going to put them on you’re your lungs, on your heart because your memory knows that you are…..precious. For you remember the energy of Home, for it is where your heart is at. Now from that, as you move your hands away from your heart I want you to feel if you can feel the various vibrations of the various colours in your auric field. And let’s begin with red.

Go there, about there (Kuthumi showing) about 10cm or so. Now I want you to move your hands back and forth in that area very slightly, I will show you from the side so that there are no mistakes here, like that (Kuthumi shows the group to move their hands back and forth within a 10cm distance from their hearts). You are moving your energy in the density of the red, now I want you to begin to see, if you can feel it. Can you?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes. Can you feel the energy there? Yes, everybody?

A: Yes.

MK: Now, we are going to dare you, I told you we are going to push all your buttons. I am going to dare you to take that into the orange. Now you felt the density of the red, now, did you notice that the red can make you almost a little bit claustrophobic, you almost panicky, is this real, is this not, yes, but I feel it!!!

A: Yes, very true.

MK: Or has he gone mad as usual?

A: Laughter.

MK: Now go into the orange which is the next colour we are going to take it to the next 10cm (past the red thus 10-20cm away from the body). Now you bring it back to where the red begins. Can you feel that energy (feeling the orange expanded aura)? It is still there, it is still energy but it’s different, is it?

A: Yes

MK: Can you feel it being different to the red? You just move it in that 10cm area front to back, front to back, front to back. Now, can this be real?……it is!!!

Now move away and move into the yellow about 30cm away from your body and now move in that sphere of light, can you feel that? It feels different now, it’s got more of a pull almost whereas the first two was more of a push energy, this now is more of a magnetic energy hasn’t it, can you feel that?

A: Yes.

MK: Do you all feel that….brother?

A: Yes.

MK: Now we are going to go into the green, into the heart, we take it one step further…..aaahhhh, that is where we feel the heart and the balance and the joy don’t we?

A: Yes.

MK: Now if you had your partner in your arms wouldn’t your hands be at just about this position? (Like embracing someone) Now you know why you feel so comfortable with them. They make you ‘feel’ yourself, if that makes any sense. Of course that only goes for the ones you love.

A: Laughter.

MK: On the days that you love them should I say.

A: Much laughter.

MK: Now we are going to push that a little bit further out to greet the sapphire energy. Go straight, not completely straight yet. Now can you feel the vibration is lighter, yet it feels almost more stringy, or crystaly, can you feel that?

A: Yes.

MK: Now I am going to ask you to straighten your arms, but not your hands as yet. Keep your wrists out like this (Kuthumi shows the group to keep their arms straight with their shoulders, with their hands bent to touch at the finger tips) right, and I am going to ask you to lean just a little bit forward, away from your chair and then I am going to ask you to open your hands only half way. (Move your hands slowly apart by moving your fingers, keeping your arms straight)

Wow, can you feel that?

There you are in the indigo energy, can you feel how powerful that is?

A: Yes, mumbling.

MK: Right!!! I am now going to….can you feel the pressure it creates on your physical body, can you all feel that?

A: Yes.

MK: I am now going to ask you to open your hands completely and as you open your hands to visualise your hands inside the violet part of your energy field, and then to move your hands around like this (Kuthumi shows the group to move their hands in a circular motion forwards and backwards)

See if you can slice through the violet aspect of your auric field. Can you feel it feels much lighter, but it is still there?

A: Yes.

MK: Can you all relate to that?

A: Yes.

MK: Very good. Now very gently allow this all to come into reverse and as you do so in your mind go through the process in reverse. We are healing the violet and the indigo, right. We are now going into healing the sapphire energy and of course closer and closer our heart and as you begin to come to the heart begin to overlap your hands creating a cross like this (Kuthumi shows the group to cross the hands on top of one another), and now bring that to heal the power of the self, the solar plexus. Bring that closer to heal the emotional body which is about 20cm away for this particular exercise, and lastly touch your heart and know that you are home.


Home is where your heart is, and you are home. You are home dear ones. Home is every where that you are, for you are the aspect of home in physical expression. You are the reflection in Gods eyes.


You may relax your arms.

And know that you are Divinely cared for and protected and guided. Now the activation of this energy was to bring to you the realisation of the reality of what you can create. In the beginning before we actually began this afternoons transmission, this channel asked you to visualise a very similar exercise didn’t she?

A: Yes.

MK: And about how far away from the body did you feel all of it.

A: Very close.

MK: Very close. So now by allowing your self to accept your ability to do anything to change anything by being who you are, you are able to expand that tenfold not so. And thus understand that that is just the beginning, for you are able to even expand that tenfold or a hundredfold or a thousandfold and therefore understand that We are all One.

Our Oneness is within our energies, as you moved away to not be necessarily a direct part of each others experience this afternoon so too know that you can never move away from being a indirect part of mine or anyone else’s experience, not ever.

And thus beloved ones, we urge you to reach out for life and touch, touch yourself, touch the earth, touch others with your experience by living in and through the heart, claiming Home as part of your Divine understanding, therefore whether you are at work or whether you are at home always be in that Divine understanding of your immortality and share this with others instead of scaring them away with all sorts of frantic ideas and strange things. Be yourself, be authentically yourself, stand up for who you are and share your love and your integrity with the world. Be kind to yourself, be kind to your Planet. Don’t ever gravitate away from the possibility to expand on yourself, to learn more, to grow more, to integrate more no matter the challenges that may face you within your work or personal environments for at the end of the day you have entered into this plane butt naked and alone, and so you will go.

I AM Kuthumi and give you my love and my sincere gratitude for your ability to reach out and touch yourself authentically.


© Chanel Lingenfelder

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