The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life.

— Michael Jackson

Hilarion’s Weekly Message

Beloved Ones,

Much is transpiring for each of you in your daily lives. You are being called upon to let go of all that no longer serves you and sometimes this is not readily apparent to you consciously. Trust that where you are now is exactly where you should be and allow the transformation that is occurring within you to take place. There are no accidents and you are being guided by your Higher Self to be in the right place and time for your part in the Divine Plan for your life and for the Earth.

Take time to nurture yourselves in these difficult and challenging times. Open yourselves to receive the Higher energies that are continuously pouring down upon the Earth and all upon Her. In order to do this, listen to the still, small voice within you. Be alert to synchonicities that occur each day around you. Observe the messages of the Universe that are being sent to you each day. The answers to your questions come through those who act as mirrors for you in order to enable you to find your way along your Path. Trust that you always receive what is needed at the right moment in order to move you to your next step.

Focus on feeling the Love of the unconditional heart of God within your own heart space and radiate it outwards to bless all around you. Practice the Golden Rule and live your life with impeccability, integrity and honesty. You have much to give to the World and to your individual community, which you have already been doing just by being who you are and standing in your Light and your truth. Continue on your inward journey to connect with your I AM Presence and know that the time is Now for the connection to be made.

Aspire to greater things and think big, even if your logical mind tells you that what you desire cannot be possible. In the Higher realms, there is no such thing as impossible, only a solution to be found and implemented. There has been a focus on relationships for many of you and this will continue to play out until all is balanced and resolved for the Highest good of all concerned. Always expect the Highest outcome in all things and it shall manifest for you. Decree your Highest Vision and then allow it to blossom forth in your daily life.

This is a time of much releasing and relinquishing and the re-evaluating of your dreams and aspirations. Many events will keep occurring to distract you from this focus of connecting to your Higher truth and you will have to apply great discipline to moving past all illusions into the greater truth and meaning of your life and why you are here at this time. Your spiritual gifts come forth each time you make inroads into releasing all within you that is not conducive to the Path of Light that you have been on and you bless all with your presence.

It is a time of plodding ahead, determination set firmly before you as the changes and transformations occur within you and around you. You may feel as though it is never ending but there will come a time when you will know that you have accomplished the goal of shedding all that has been holding you back from shining the great Light that you are, unhindered by old patterns and concepts that no longer serve your Highest and best outcome. Keep on keeping on, Dearest Hearts, and know that on this journey, you never walk alone.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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