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Androlonos – Upcoming mission…

This is Androlonos.

At this point in the new timeline which was established last August and re-established on March 20, 2010, at the Vernal Equinox, we have come to learn of the next key step our group will take for the opening of codes for the Earth and this galaxy which have been sealed for millions of years. These codes need to be released from a specific locality on this planet at a specific time, to be determined in the next week. This will take place within the week after this one

We can share only a few details at this time. However we can say that the key team of travel is now assembled and others who need to join will come online as they sense it in their hearts.

We know each of you reading this understands your part in this mission. As you read these messages, and perhaps others from other sources, please be aware that you are each a key member in this Andromeda Command group. We thank you for sensitizing and harmonizing with this mission, each in your own way, as each of you receives the guidance. You are all very important to this mission.

We have just completed, in the month of March, a series of 4 “3-3-3” events:
3/3/2010, 3/12/2010, 3/21/2010, and 3/30/2010. This potent series of four 3-3-3 events is now followed by the 4/3/2010, and 4/4/2010. Successively there are 3 “4-4-3” events: 4/4/2010, 4/13/2010, and 4/22/2010. Details of the science behind these events are not necessary, but do know that 4 3-3-3 (or 4 “9”s) and 3 4-4-3 (3 “11”s) represent sacred completion of an old dimensional structure, and the birth of the higher “11” dimensional structure.

(the Egyptian kitty who lives with this writer now comes to the keyboard; any paw prints left by him will be translated by him later).

With this we shall post this message. More will follow.

We thank you for your en-Lightened participation.

In the Light to gether with you, I am Androlonos.

© Andromeda Command Androlonos

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