Love is what we are Born with.
Fear is what we Have learned here.
The spiritual journey is the Learning of Fear
and the Acceptance of Love
back into our Hearts ♥

Quantum Yogic Programming

Wiggle your thumb.

How did your thought to wiggle your thumb actually wiggle the thumb? We can describe the bio-electrical and chemical processes that causes voluntary wiggling of the muscles, but that doesn’t completely answer the question. How did a thought start that astoundingly complex series of physical actions that results in a wiggle?

You told your thumb to wiggle, and it did. Mind over matter appears to be an everyday phenomenon. Don’t believe it? Try it on other parts of your body. Your thoughts can cause all sorts of movement in the physical universe. Wiggle your toes. Wiggle your ears. Interesting.

What else can we tell our bodies to do?

In the process of old cells dying and new ones being created, our bodies are almost completely renewed about once a year. Each new cell grows from a blueprint containing Instructions from our DNA, but the blueprint is also modified by the current condition of the cell and the cell’s neighborhood, your body and the environment within which your body lives. Cells “remember” their experiences and pass on their condition to the cells that replace them. Do they have to pass on that modified information?

Can the same power that wiggles your thumb also instruct your cells to reproduce themselves with a cleaner blueprint?

Science journals document yogis controlling their body’s “autonomic” systems. Numerous anecdotes suggest “spontaneous” healing in seriously ill patients who claim to have only prayed or changed their attitude. Doctors have no better explanation in these cases.

Eastern sciences (what the West has until recently considered mysticism, superstition, or even sin) have mapped the mind/body connection, locating pressure points, various swirling force fields, and the flow of an etheric energy called “Prana” in India, and “Chi” in China and Japan. Western science doesn’t have a lot of patience with the idea of Chi, even though procedures such as acupressure and acupuncture have been formally recognized as having therapeutic effects.

Many Eastern scientists, yogis for example, work in the laboratory of their own bodies. They stretch and sit, breathe and sing, juggle thoughts in the brain or empty the brain entirely, all in an effort to Contemplate the Actual, and apply an enlightening intention.

While Eastern “mysticism” has ancient systems to explain the mind/body connection, Western science, in it’s own manner, may be catching up.


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