Life is one transforming miracle after another….
Let World Peace be the Miracle We All Live as One ….

— KG ♥

Anything that is not of love does not exist.

God’s Love for humanity is unconditional, infinite, eternal, and He longs for you to awaken from your dream of suffering, struggle, and scarcity into the joyful brilliance of everlasting day. You belong there with Him and you are missed. For you to awaken is His Will and yours — and so it must happen. There is no way it can be prevented.

The illusory reality in which you are experiencing your lives as a long and arduous period of suffering and disappointment is non existent. To remain in it is a form of mass denial. Due to the abundant energies enveloping your illusion, and which many of you are welcoming and using to play your part in the divine plan for humanity, you will not be able to maintain this stubborn state of denial for very much longer. Rejoice! Its end is approaching — and more rapidly than you can imagine.

Those of you reading this message of inspiration and encouragement do know that it is inevitable that you awaken from the state of deep amnesia into which you have fallen. You chose to go there to play and explore, but you no longer find your “playground” the least bit amusing as you blame, judge, and condemn one another for situations and events you imagine have happened and that offend you or cause you suffering. As long as you choose to engage in these hurtful games — games that are in truth quite repugnant to you — so long will you find the illusion seemingly real and all-pervasive.

The unreality of it all starts to become apparent when you begin to question the idea that an all-powerful God of infinite, unconditional Love could place anyone in an environment that is so totally at odds with His divine nature. You have, over the eons, conditioned yourselves to believe that God is a Being of immense power and authority, who spends inordinate amounts of time watching your most intimate thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and actions, and judging you severely for them. Furthermore, you presume that this “loving” Creator then proceeds to prescribe and arrange appropriate “remedial” forms of torment, to provide you with unending anguish as eternal punishment — justly deserved — for the sins you have committed which have so grievously offended Him. You presume that after you separate from your bodies at death, He will provide you with new ones on which, in His infinite righteousness, He can inflict those dire and richly deserved punishments. Or, if you believe that you are favored by Him for your righteous behavior and have thus been saved, you will be taken to a heaven from which you can observe with enjoyment the unjust receiving their just deserts. But deep within, you fear that you too will be numbered among the wicked, because of course no one is without sin.

What insane and twisted thinking you have used to manufacture such a horrific scenario: a God of limitless power with the emotional needs and drives of a brute! How could you possibly believe that the environment in which you appear to have your existence could be anything other than the most perverse illusion?

God is infinite, unconditional Love — period! Anything that is not of Love does not exist. God is All That Exists, and it follows, therefore, that you must be part of Him, One with Him. Nothing else is even remotely possible.

Let go of your fears; forgive yourselves and each other, and allow your Father’s Love to infuse you and awaken you so that you may once more enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of Reality — forever alive in His all-embracing Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.

© JohnSmallman

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