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Honoring Others’ Beliefs (or Ice Cream Flavours)

“To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.” … Bono

“Controlled experiment” From wiki: “An experiment which uses controls is called a controlled experiment, and usually separates research subjects into two groups: A treatment group and a control group. The control group is practically identical to the treatment group, except for the single variable of interest whose effect is being tested, which is only applied to the treatment group.

Human lives are not scientifically controlled experiments, we each live in varying conditions and we each have diverse backgrounds. What is/was true for us in a particular situation in a specific point in time of our lives does not prove it will be true for someone else in a seemingly similar position. If some ones words do not resonate with us and do not seem true to us, there is no need to judge their beliefs when we are following our heart.

If you look back on your life you will probably find memories of times when you were so passionate about a certain topic or belief though now, when you think of it, it makes you cringe. But would you be who you are today if you hadn’t had that experience? Hard to say, but it was part of your path and it’s as honorable as any other experience or building block at any other point in your life. To follow this same point, if you hear or see someone sharing a belief that does not resonate with you, does that mean they are ‘wrong’? Were you wrong when you were immersed in that belief or topic in retrospect? The belief brought you to another step, just as what that person is following will bring them to another level in their journey. Saying some ones present truth is wrong is like saying chocolate ice cream is wrong, because you now prefer vanilla. It’s just another way of appreciating ice cream. If you’ve been eating ice cream for X amount of years and changed flavors many times, and you now find that your taste has outgrown all other flavors and you like vanilla best, does that mean that someone who tastes ice cream for the first time is wrong because they like the chocolate flavor? If chocolate doesn’t work for you, that doesn’t prove it won’t do the trick for someone else’s taste, it only proves it doesn’t work for you.

At the rate things are going nowadays, in a few months or less, some of us may very well look back on something we believe in so strongly this very moment and find it hard to understand why we were so passionate about it. So, is it wrong? It is neither wrong nor right, because it is a step in our journey and essential to our path and we chose for it to be there. Understanding this, there is no need to judge others beliefs, because you know that what they believe in is sacred to their path and their learning ‘now’ and interfering with that by bringing them down will not benefit anyone except the ego’s involved. Regardless if the beliefs someone else holds are true to you or not in this moment, they are playing a crucial role in some ones growth.

None of these beliefs or topics of interest are right or wrong, each is a step. When we climb up a stairway, we don’t judge the steps, a step just is, we place our foot on it for a moment in order to go up to the next one. Similarly, topics or beliefs we immerse our selves in are steps, some of the concepts of that step may stay with us when we take the next step and some of them may fall to the wayside, but each has served an equally vital role in the overall process as well as to know what we keep and what we don’t, no one can decide that for you, only your heart can reveal that. Focusing on and sharing what our heart wants and releasing what it doesn’t want in our lives, keeps us aligned with our truth in a non-judgmental fashion and brings more things in our life that resonate with our present truth, it is basic Law of Attraction from the heart. Honoring others’ truths as vital steps in their own path and as playing an essential role in constructing their new lives, even if we don’t agree with those beliefs, creates a more peaceful environment where there is no longer a need for disputes, each one can share their own truth and draw from others’ truths what they wish.
Love and peace,


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