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As Timelines are Erased We Take on Our New Place in the Federation of Worlds ~ St Germain

Greetings, This is St Germain.

The Separation of Worlds continues.

We have been speaking of this through many channels since last summer.

As the Lion’s Gate opened, last August we began reforming the Earth Grid.

We started back then having meetings with the Councils of the Magical Kingdoms as well as our neighbors form far flung places. We initiated Ambassadorships which had not been open to Earth for Eons of Time. It has been one Celebration after Another.

On 9/9/09 the Crystalline Core of Earth ignited with Energies pouring over Earth in successive waves. These energy Shifts continued until 12/12/09 when a second in the Triad of Portals was opened over Norway. In this Event 1000s of Ships came into Earth’s atmosphere bringing Galactic Family, technologies and equipment which will be much welcomed at Landings. At this Time Beings we have not had on Earth before came to help push back the Dark, particularly to help shut down the Black Ops killing Civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Tibet. As the Holidays came and went, and Interpol Law was changed, then we saw mass Arrests of War Criminals, especially from Africa. At the end of the year, multiple countries had Central Bank reports that their Countries were bankrupt including Greece, Germany, Sweden, Japan, U.S., UK, Korea, Russia, India, to name a few. As more reports have come out about Sexgate, Torture and ongoing Bombing around the World, the Lightworkers have become a glum group, down in the dumpies.

We began to speak about the Separation of Worlds during all the unrest of the final dramas playing out. Many expressed sadness, disbelief and doubt. There was much not understood about Twin Flame Reunions, Children, Parents and Friends who may be separated. There have been many dealing with illness and financial worries this winter as well. It has not been an easy road for Lightworkers to hold their Center while transmuting these imbalances for themselves and also for the Collective.

As we leave winter, here in the North and begin Spring, many feel at their Breaking Point. We have seen reports in the news of the Truth about 911 fully disclosed on so called ‘reputable’ news sources and still, it falls seemingly on deaf ears. We have seen gross acts of violence against our Elected Officials. We have seen wanton greed coming from the Right Side of the Isle. We have heard from the Collective, who cry out, balled up, asking How Much Must we Take? How LONG Must We Wait?!! Even all the Blogs and Chat cannot satisfy the perceived depth of wounds from evil which must be transmuted and loved even more.

This Spring Equinox has brought the greatest focus of LOVE energies to be sent to this Planet since all time. This has been coordinated from the Ships that are triple parked waiting for Disclosure with you. This has gone to Earth and been recorded by the Silent Watcher. This wealth of LOVE is driving out all that cannot be sustained at Zero Point.

You are aware they had Nancy Pelosi in Iraq attempting to open the STOLEN StarGate in Suddam’s Palace. This will not work, but they are desperate now, eh? You are aware Mrs. Clinton has been out there stumping for Nuclear War. You are aware ugly tactics are being employed on every level by these remaining Holograms as their Programs run out of steam. Be in Peace. Be in Joy! We are in the final moments before the Emergence.

As you transmute the News, as you Play a Role in Action Politics, As you ASK and ALLOW from the Matrix, World Peace, continue to challenge yourSelf to raise Higher.

Continue to spring clean, pursue only things which bring you joy, change your habits to reflect the new understandings you have integrated. Take steps to heal things which require healing. At this time of Quantum Change take every effort to experience Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Laughter and Love every last moment as we usher in the Great Shift together. Each moment you spend in balanced happiness, is a moment we come closer to the Collective Consciousness walking past the Separation of Worlds into No Time.

~St Germain

Beth and Mark

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