In order not to be influenced by the illusion of chaos outside yourself, you must become the truth within yourself.

The Pleiadian Light Explains Their Evaluation of The Disaster Prophecies.

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The shift in the balance of polar opposites across the board will create many changes and many disruptions. The auric energy extension of Earth consciousness changes first, then this alters all other balances. On the human level, concepts change, emotions are stirred by the loss of the former “dependable” reality and the physical body gives expression to this by releasing energy through pain and disease. On the global level, this same shift of balance affects the physical Earth and creates storms and natural disasters. Changes in consciousness affect changes in matter.

There will be massive changes in life on Earth in the next millennium, both in the human civilization and the physical planet. However, at the present reading of probabilities, we are not predicting that this will come about by a huge destructive episode.

There will be damage; there will be changes in the landmasses and there will be many deaths. However, our current view, at the point of this reading (1999 and reaffirmed 2010), is that these events will shift from place to place around the globe, never giving any one area more than it can handle at one time, with assistance from others.

In “the end” the amassed changes will affect the world situation and the balance of polar values with as much power as your “pole shift” scenario. And please remember you are not alone. Many extraterrestrial and interdimensional energies are supporting you in these changes. We cannot interfere with your mass volition or your natural evolution; but we can offer guidance.

If, however, your world power structure acted in a way that threatened non-terran life forms and planetary bodies, we can take action. This would only be in the form of an energy barrier preventing your destructive technology from functioning.

We would like to add one other concept, with regard to predictions, which is so often misunderstood by your masculine, linear, concrete thinking world. It is the concept of probabilities.

All permutations of any possible reality do play out in parallel realities. The question is which probable reality contains your (the individual person) life path? This choice is made on superconscious levels; however, conscious thoughts and experiences color and alter the potentials.

So, some individuals will breeze through this time of change and say, “What was all the fuss about, nothing happened!” Others will end up in a Pleiadian “nectar bar” bragging how they had a life on Earth when the planet-shattering pole shift laid waste to the Earth’s surface and sent billions of souls transcending at once. And they were there!

Did someone say, “Get real!?’ How do you “get real?” Get your own reality. Be at peace; hold the light on your plane and allow the more moderate evolutionary processes to fulfill the highest probabilities for change on Earth.

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