We are ONE. YOU are LOVE dear friend, enjoy this eternal divineness and be very blessed always :)

We of the Galactic Federation are carrying out God’s work to bring Light to all Developing Civilizations.

Because we are aware of all the coming changes and see the complete success they will bring, we do not experience tension or concern but rather a feeling of excitement at the thought of the great hope and happiness it will bring you. We have the privilege of seeing the wider view and all probabilities, and know the path will lead to completion of this cycle. You however, have no certain way of knowing the outcome, and it is very much a matter of faith according to your beliefs. Yet it is not faith alone that spurs you ever onwards, as within your subconscious memories you already know of the success you are to experience. It is that inner knowing that gives you the strength to overcome any obstacles placed in your way. There are plenty of distractions especially at this particular time on Earth, when the changes are beginning to take place. However, as long as you can keep focused on the end times and the upliftment that is to occur, you will easily cope with them.

Matters are definitely coming to a head, and we expect a number of positive decisions to be taken that will start a whole series of events leading to Ascension. Of course the process commenced some time ago, but now it is going to get into full swing. The dark Ones will have to concede defeat, and withdraw so that the Lightworkers can go ahead without being held back. They have more than had their time to see if they could seize total control of the world. They have failed and it is now the turn of the Light to become the dominant force. In fact it will always be so, as no matter how long the cycle lasts the Light cannot be destroyed. If it were so, it would be like saying that God could be defeated. God is Omnipotent and the supreme power of your Universe, and all is held within God’s love.

We are ready to act upon instructions to proceed with our plan, that will gently force the remaining issues that are causing delay to be brought to an end, That will clear the way for First Contact and allow us to meet our allies, so that we can quickly get started with the various projects that effect you. The line of authority goes all the way back to God, and passes through various groups and councils of high evolution and consciousness. It finally reaches you through us and the Masters, who wait in readiness to return to Earth. You might say that the big guns are waiting to appear to you and that is correct, as the truth will sound be more acceptable when it comes from those who are familiar to you. Jesus and many Angelic Beings such as Archangel Michael will address you and the words will carry a powerful energy, that will leave you in no doubt that they come to you with Love and Light.

Although duality has been referred to as being like a play, it is nevertheless a very serious experience that will have a great bearing on your future. Your expansion of consciousness will have become so great, that you will act as co-creators of new worlds, and join the ranks of those with super consciousness. It may sound impossible as you contemplate your present level, but in short time you will experience a fantastic upliftment. It is all bound up with Ascension, which will never cease until you return to the absolute Source. On your onward journey all manner of experiences will be yours, as you traverse the Universe and explore it seeking other life forms. In that sense it is why we say we are you, as we of the Galactic Federation are carrying out God’s work to bring Light to all developing civilizations.

Whatever you believe the future to offer you, we can say it will be beyond your imagination for the sheer beauty and wonders you will encounter on your travels. There are few worlds like Earth, and you are leaving the lower vibrations of the 3rd. dimension behind. From hereon you will rise up with the higher vibrations, and use your Light body to express yourself to other souls. You will be known by your Light and recognize others by theirs. Colors will be iridescent and dazzle you with a range of octaves far greater than you experience now.

Can you really be concerned about leaving duality, as we doubt it when you consider how testing it is all of the time. You find little peace on Earth, as the lower vibrations are conducive to disharmony and imbalance. Your ability to create is limited, and because of separation from the Source there is a lack in your life that cannot be filled. The process of Ascension will answer all of these drawbacks, and through your own efforts you will enter the Light forevermore. Then and only then, will you become the real you with very few limitations and great power to create. As your consciousness expands, so you will find that your understanding of the powers you have also increases. At the higher levels you will not abuse it, but instead use it for the good of all.

Again we say look at us if you want to see the direction in which Humankind is heading. You too are Space Beings and are largely unaware of it, because you have dropped down from the higher dimensions. Your waking memory has no recollection of the times before you came to Earth. However, for some of you the link is felt when you become very attracted to our activities and us. Yet others hold fear of our presence, mainly due to the images projected by your writers of Science Fiction. It is the comic book image of monsters set upon taking over your world. It has created a reaction of fear to our coming. However, the very reason for our messages is to convey the love we have at heart for you, and to let you know that our mission is one of peace.

It is not to say that some E.T’s would not like to colonies Earth for its resources as they do, but your evolution is protected as it has been all along. Where contact has been made that is not in your general interest, it has been perfectly legitimate and allowed through the Law Of Attraction. We refer to the Greys who sought bases upon Earth, and in a deal with the U.S. Government were allowed to have them in exchange for advanced technology. Such covert actions are never for your good, but for greed, power and military domination such as you have experienced. That agreement is at an end, and has no place in your immediate future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you love and greetings for your well being from the members of the Galactic Federation.

Thank you SaLuSa.


© MikeQuinsey

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