What is Reality? What I thought was unreal now, for me, seems in some ways to be more real than what I think to be real, which seems now to be unreal.

— Fredalan Wolf

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Caban, 0 Mac, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come again with much to say about the happenings in this reality. At present, Mother Earth is poised to begin a second round in the preliminaries to an immense series of Earth changes. She has requested of us that we warn you of this fact and set up a way to have our Earth allies actually carry out the governmental changes long promised to the people of this world. The key to the current impasse is the major central banks on your world, especially the United States’ Federal Reserve Bank. This bank and its major sisters have become the main stumbling block to the changes long promised to you. In this regard, we are working diligently with our Earth allies to resolve this issue. Banks on your world are mostly the creature of the powerful individuals and groups that maintain them. These groups need to be disassembled and replaced with more benign and helpful organizations. This we fully intend to do, considering what has failed to transpire over the past two weeks. The present moments in your history are to be filled with actions, not lame excuses for what has not been done.

We are reassessing the limits of our interaction with our Earth allies. It is necessary to act, but only in a manner in consonance with what Heaven decrees and what our Earth allies are capable of. The point is that these new governments need to be effective on their own terms. What you are on the verge of is a prelude to our mass landings. Accordingly, we have instructed our Earth allies in great detail on the main priorities of these caretaker regimes. To further these ends we have put a great many liaisons and Earth-based individuals from our fleet and from Inner Earth among you. These personnel were mainly to act as co-players in what our Earth allies had decided among themselves to be the first acts of these temporary administrations. Now we are in meetings with our Earth allies to rectify swiftly what has delayed a number of initial acts. The time has come and gone for such actions. We are to set the stage quickly for dramatic moves that can alter whatever is preventing things from happening.

As we stated in previous messages, we need to coordinate any deeper interaction with our Earth allies with Heaven, and Lord Surea has decreed that such deeper involvement is permitted. We have also received full clarification concerning what we can now implement. We are therefore instructing our personnel on how to bring about the desired results. We have increased the sightings of our ships and brought more pressure to bear on the dark cabal regarding what is expected to occur. We are also negotiating with our Earth allies to establish action committees that are to do what is needed to move forward quickly on a number of fronts. You need the prosperity programs to be delivered, and we require the Farmers’ Claims to be legally unblocked in order to set the stage for the downfall of a number of questionable regimes. The dark knows what instruments are required for this and we intend to deny them any success in blocking such essential actions. New currencies, new governments, and new financial policies are just the first critical events that require quick implementation.

Others are to follow that secure your freedom and liberty. You are to return to your sovereign status and be given the means to pursue your true destiny. We see a stopgap moment during which you regain your power and employ technologies that reestablish your claim to be Mother Earth’s guardians. In this, you can also reclaim your global partnership with the many species of cetaceans that some of you have dastardly murdered. These magnificent Beings understand your plight and desire to remain in a state of forgiveness. We ask only that you immediately alter the laws and customs that have allowed this slaughter to continue. Make your peace with these Beings and then go hand in hand to a new understanding. Use their immense wisdom to change swiftly the very fragile state that Mother Earth and her ecosystems now find themselves in. Together, your presently withheld technologies and your maturing mindset can remedy a number of conditions that are present in the physical and ethereal grids that govern your reality.

The need to change the way your grids function is an essential first step for what is to follow. Your secret governments’ technologies and ours are the means to quickly put to flight the dark and its machinations. Doing this can strengthen the preliminary construction of a new set of grids that is to be the basis of the creation of your new reality. The people of Agartha are quite ready to assist you in these vital matters. We have watched as your growing Light worker movement has formed across your globe in the past half century. Heaven sees this as the first step in what you are now to accomplish in the immediate present. This is a way to reunite you easily with your Inner Earth kin. Mother Earth intends to have all of you as her guardians. A new, revitalized ecosystem needs to be cared for; indeed, it is this sacred mission that put you on this planet nearly 900,000 years ago.

The events that are close to happening are the first steps in a series of actions that are to lead to first contact. Until now, while under the sway of the dark and its cronies, you were pressured to deny our existence for fear of being regarded as odd by your fellows. Now you are to get the respect you deserve. Use this to inform and prepare others for our arrival. We come to inform and mentor you as Heaven readies you to take on full consciousness. Mother Earth sincerely intends to move as fast as you allow as the division of Earth into two realms is no longer viable. Reuniting these two aspects of her has become urgent, and hence we need to accelerate those events that make it possible for you to resume your Creator-given role as a fully conscious, 5-D Being, or what can be termed a physical Angel.

This “new You” is a Being that fully comprehends the divine plan and works with great passion and joy to unfold it in physicality. We intend to re-infuse you with this heavenly wisdom. You are to combine this with the various lessons you have absorbed during your many lifetimes in this formerly dark veil of tears. In this new world of Light, you are to become the mentors for the four water worlds that you are to inhabit and guide. Several amazing experiences are to be yours as you come together to form your new star-nation. Star-nations form out of your sentient wisdom and the nature of those you have chosen to protect. When we come together as a Galactic Federation Council, all the immense wisdom present in this council is employed to progress and mentor this huge galaxy toward the Light.

You are nearly ready to accomplish this huge leap in consciousness along with its many responsibilities. Your reality is to shift you into something that you no longer quite remember. Your many myths and repressed histories tell of how you once were. It is this Being that is both your past and your destiny. We come to afford you a swift and easy method back to full consciousness. Around you, there is much disinformation about what this all means. The immense gap you are to leap would normally take a century or two. However, as you know, you do not have this time available to you. Heaven’s dispensation gives you a gracious way to resolve this time crunch and the obstacles that lie before you.

Today, we went over some of what is occurring on your world and what we intend to do to resolve the obstacles that remain. Our fleet and Inner Earth are dedicated to bringing us all together. We intend, shortly, to have the means to permit the grand celebrations that we all richly deserve! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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