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Master Hilarion’s Weekly Message March 21-28, 2010

Beloved Ones,

This has been a topsy-turvy week for many of you as you have been releasing and adjusting and trying to integrate all the changes taking place within your own bodies and in the World around you. Most of you are feeling like lightening rods at this time, walking around in high vibration at all times. Be sure to drink a lot more water when this is happening as this helps keep the energies moving more fluidly through your systems. Some of you are forgetting to do this again.

There is a great influx of energy coming in and this will continue for a while yet and then you will have a chance to integrate the changes taking place within you for a space of time before the next influx, and this is how Ascension happens, one step at a time in order to take all of Humanity into Ascension with the Earth. Each time one of you raises your vibration, you help raise the vibratory level of all.

Many issues and long unresolved problems are coming up for review, resolution and release. This is going to continue occurring as the days go by for it is necessary that all energies that are not of the highest Light be resolved in order to let more Light in. It is a time of much Human drama as interpersonal relationships make adjustments along with all the body adjustments. Each of you is helping by trying to be mirrors for each other so that this can occur, so that all core issues can finally be released once and for all.

The Earth is also continuing in her birthing process and her metamorphosis is proceeding in the same manner as for her inhabitants, with waves of movements and changes that are occurring on a consistent basis. There is much turmoil within the tectonic plates and there will likely be more upheavals taking place on the surface. This is part of a chain reaction that is inter-related under the surface of the Planet. All of this is taking place with the least amount of destruction to Humanity that can possibly occur.

As this month continues each of you will notice that communication between yourselves and others takes on a deeper, more heartfelt connection. This will create more understanding between all and in turn will continue to raise the frequency level and more people will express joy and this will continue the process, for the more joy we feel, the greater and higher the vibrational level. The end result we expect is that all are happy and living in joy. There is however, still more work on yourselves that will continue on with this process until the process is complete.

Know that all is in Divine Order and that there will come a time when there is peace at last, both within and without, and Humanity as a collective will finally experience the joy and happiness that is long overdue to all.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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